9 Lovely DIY Leather Rings That Are Easy to Make ...


9 Lovely DIY Leather Rings That Are Easy to Make ...
9 Lovely DIY Leather Rings That Are Easy to Make ...

When it comes to gorgeous handmade fashion accessories, we recommend looking into DIY leather rings. Why? Because DIY leather rings are visually appealing and exude both sweet and edgy style. No matter the type of accessories you like, there is sure to be a lovely handmade leather ring here that will complete your look. Happy crafting!

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Pearl Nest

Pearl Nest This is one cute and delicate DIY leather ring. To make this, you will first construct the “nest” using leather cord. After a series of knots, you add a pearl to the center and then make the band. Easy!


This DIY leather ring is a great project for beginners. It is easy to make and the results are stunning. The ring is made with leather cord, which is knotted to form the “nest”. A pearl is then added to the center of the nest, and the band is completed. The finished product is a gorgeous, delicate ring that will be sure to turn heads. This is a great way to add a unique, handmade touch to any outfit. With a few simple supplies and a bit of time, anyone can make this beautiful DIY leather ring.


Bead and Leather

Bead and Leather This leather ring tutorial is much simpler than the first. You will need leather cord, crimp ends, and shiny beads for this project. Make a round form using the cord, add beads, and secure using the crimp ends.


Glittery Stars

Glittery Stars How cute is this star motif leather ring? And so easy to make, too! Punch star shapes using a special craft punch. You can cut freehand if you don't have a puncher. Mix glue and glitter and use this mixture to paint some of the stars. Lastly, adhere the leather starts to a ring blank. Let dry and you're done.



Flower This DIY leather ring is certainly fun to make. To construct this, you will cut a long leather strip with one scallop side. Arrange like a spiral until you create a flower form. Add leaves and glue to a ring blank. Embellish the center with a small leather piece if you like.


Pearl Flower

Pearl Flower Here we have another flower idea for a ring. For this project, you will be cutting and sewing layers of leather petals. You finish it off by adding a pearl to the center and then sewing the flower to an elastic finger band.


Layered Triangles

Layered Triangles If mod is more your style, this DIY leather ring idea is for you. To make this, you will layer leather triangles using industrial glue. Add pearls and other embellishments and glue to a ring blank.


Painted Scraps

Painted Scraps This is a DIY idea brought to us by Crafty Chica. To make this, cut the base leather (round or square or in any shape you like), paint it, make cuts from the edge to the center, and then embellish said center with gems or beads. Attach to a ring blank.


Brick Pattern

Brick Pattern This is another leather ring idea that has a mod style. For this project, you will cut strips of leather, glue them to a piece of cardboard that fits your ring base, cut off excess leather strips, and that's it. Fun and easy! Another way to go about this is to use square leather pieces instead of strips.



Bow Isn't this the cutest? I love all things bow or bow-themed so I adore this handmade leather ring. To make this, you construct two strips of leather into a bow and then attach it to a ring blank. For best results, you will want to use industrial glue and do a bit of hand sewing to control the shape of your bow.

I will now see if I have leather scraps somewhere because I need to make some of these handmade rings. How about you? Which of these DIY ideas tickled your fancy?

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