7 Websites to Sell Handmade Goods on ...

If you’re a craftster like me, you’re always on the lookout for awesome websites to sell handmade goods on! It’s great to sell the things you’ve made with your own two hands and people generally appreciate things made with love just for them! You can obviously sell on eBay, so I’m not going to add that to my list because everyone knows about it and I want to introduce you to a few websites to sell handmade goods on that you may not know about.

1. Tophatter.com

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Cost to list an item: GENERALLY 75¢-$1.50 per item
Commission paid to website: 5-15% of amount item sells for

Of all of the websites to sell handmade goods on, I sell on Tophatter on a daily basis. When it first came out it was cheaper and easier to sell on, but they have been tweaking things over the past year or so and making adjustments that have earned them a lot of complaints from their sellers. While I’m not thrilled with the changes I still use it because it is the only website of its kind, and while it’s gotten pricier to sell on there, it’s still a small fee. Unlike eBay, this is an auction site that is almost exclusively handmade items, homemade food and crafting supplies. My favorite aspect is that the auction is live! There is an auctioneer who introduces every item and gives a description of what it is. You can be on the block next to the auctioneer, talking to the audience and promoting your item, enticing everyone to buy it. The crowd can ask you questions about the item which you can answer in real time!

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