7 Trendy and Chic DIY Hexagon Craft Projects for the Home ...


7 Trendy and Chic DIY Hexagon Craft Projects for the Home ...
7 Trendy and Chic DIY Hexagon Craft Projects for the Home ...

You will want to do these DIY hexagon crafts if you're looking for some trendy décor for the home. According to experts, hexagon patterns are very popular this year. They are particularly beautiful when used in your living spaces. We have here 7 DIY hexagon crafts that will get you started on the road to hexagon home décor chicness. Take note: these projects do not include hexagon pattern quilts. Hope you like them!

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Coaster This is one beautiful DIY hexagon craft. The use of pink and shades of yellow truly brings out the lovely honeycomb pattern. For this craft project, you will be needing felt pieces, fabric with pattern, embroidery floss, interfacing, an embroidery hoop, and a needle. The general idea is to attach the hexagon felt pieces onto the printed fabric and then sew this onto another piece of felt backing.

Tutorial Source: wildolive.blogspot.com


Wall Clock

Wall Clock This was the DIY décor that inspired me to make this list. The basic materials for this project include thick paper, fabric, craft glue, and a clock mechanism. You will also need a template for the hexagon but you can make that from scratch, too. If you're not a fan of the multi-fabric look, you can use only one design, too. But I suggest using different fabrics because this is a great way to make use of your scraps.

Tutorial Source: u-createcrafts.com



Planter Is it just me or is the hexagon pattern always nice in a combination of pink and yellow? Morgan made the planter box for this project using plywood. However, there are probably some that you can buy pre-made. For the hexagon pattern, you paint with the assistance of painter's tape.

Tutorial Source: pepperdesignblog.com



Shelves This is an A Beautiful Mess home décor project. You will need fencing planks, various carpentry tools, and wall brackets. If you don't have power tools, you can probably ask your hardware to cut the wood pieces for you. You will have to have a detailed plan (including exact measurements) before you ask them to cut your wood for you, though.

Tutorial Source: abeautifulmess.com


Wall Treatment

Wall Treatment Do you now agree to what I said about pink, yellow, and the hexagon pattern? Let's add wooden details to that fab combo list. This amazing DIY home décor project was created by one crafty momma for her little girl. If you think that the wooden borders may be too much work, you can easily paint the details instead.

Tutorial Source: vintagerevivals.com


Coaster II

Coaster II This is another coaster idea with a hexagon design. This project will not require sewing, though. You will simply glue your hexagon pieces onto a square piece, cut off the excess from the hexagons, and that's it. You will need felt glue for this project.

Tutorial Source: shelterness.com



Rug This rug looks store-bought, doesn't it? But it's a simple painting project. The first step to giving your rug a hexagon treatment is to lay down painter's tape. You then spray paint several layers, take off the tape, let dry, and you're done.

Tutorial Source: ilikewhatimherring.blogspot.com

Can you think of other fun DIY hexagon pattern home projects? Share your ideas with us. If you have done crafts with this trendy pattern before, we'd love to see what you made, too. I bet they look as great as the ones above.

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