9 DIY Fabric Baskets for Keeping Your Home Beautifully Organized ...


9 DIY Fabric Baskets for Keeping Your Home Beautifully Organized ...
9 DIY Fabric Baskets for Keeping Your Home Beautifully Organized ...

There are many ways to go about making DIY fabric baskets. We have here 9 that will get you started on a fun handmade fabric basket adventure. They are quick to make, although most will involve some sewing. Let's check them out!

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Berry Basket

Berry Basket This gorgeous DIY fabric basket is inspired by strawberry baskets. You see them in farmer's markets and even in the grocery store. To make your fabric version, you will need fabric scraps, heavyweight fusible interfacing, and 1/2” double fold binding tape.

Tutorial Source: noodle-head.com


Slouchy Toy Basket

Slouchy Toy Basket Apart from organizing crafting supplies, fabric baskets are also wonderful for toy storage. This particular slouchy version, for instance, is great as a toy repository and also as a handy bag for when your tots want to bring their plastic friends to the park.

Tutorial Source: nalleshouse.com


Scallop Berry Basket

Scallop Berry Basket The idea behind this is similar to the first sewing tutorial I featured. This one, however, has a more cutesy appeal because of its scallop rim and exposed contrast color lining. I love the addition of the ribbon trim, too.

Tutorial Source: wildolive.blogspot.com



Braided Look at those colors and texture! If your home has that chic Bohemian vibe, you will want to make this DIY fabric basket for storing items in your living room. You can make this by braiding strips of jersey fabric. This is a wonderful project to make if you have a gazillion of unused t-shirts.

Tutorial Source: bloggingcornerblog.blogspot.ca


Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets If you don't have space on the floor for handmade baskets, going the hanging route is highly recommended. The most important “ingredient” here are Plexiglas sheets. They are responsible for keeping the bottom of the baskets flat and stiff. You can get them by the window section in the hardware store.

Tutorial Source: themotherhuddle.com


Patchwork with Handles

Patchwork with Handles Got lots of fabric scraps? One way to use them in making handmade fabric baskets is by following this vertical stripe style project. Of course, you can also use plain color scraps for this basket and utilize printed ones for the handles.

Tutorial Source: sew4home.com


Burlap and Rosette

Burlap and Rosette Isn't this lovely? To make this, burlap was cut into strips and woven like a basket. The rosettes were then hot glued to one side for a more rustic chic effect. To keep your burlap from fraying, you will want to iron it to another fabric using fusible bond before weaving.

Tutorial Source: salttree.net


Simple Square

Simple Square Pretty! This is also simple to make. Using Pellon stabilizer, you no longer have to sew a lining for your fabric basket. You can make this in any size you like, too. And if you're looking into a more cheerful style, we recommend that you use printed fabric.

Tutorial Source: curbly.com


Button Boxes

Button Boxes Here is another berry box-inspired fabric basket idea. Instead of binding, the sides of this basket are held together by buttons and embroidery floss. Clever, right? I think this will look nice in dark plain fabric and chrome style buttons.

Tutorial Source: woolfoodmama.typepad.com

I am now itching to try these DIY fabric boxes. The berry basket designs are calling out my name. Will you be sewing some, too? Which of these crafty ideas will you be giving a go?

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