7 Amazing Ways to Recycle Wood Pallets ...

Finding ways to recycle wood pallets is my latest obsession and, honestly, I had no idea you can do so much with these things! So many opportunities to get creative, furnish your home with something truly unique and save a bunch of cash that would normally fly out of your pocket faster than you can say β€œhome improvement.” Apart from being good for one's budget, recycling is eco-friendly too and that's another great reason to check these following ways to recycle wood pallets out and maybe cook-up a DIY of your own:

1. Wood Pallet Ottoman

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One the cheapest and easiest ways to recycle wood pallets ever! And so chic and versatile, too! Attach a piece of plywood on top to get a smooth sitting surface, add padding, upholster the whole thing and voila! Looks much different, doesn’t it? All you’ll need to do now is to choose two pairs of legs to attach to your ottoman and find a nice place for your brand new piece of furniture, of course!

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