7 Fun Ways to Upcycle Christmas Cards ...

I hate throwing away beautiful holiday cards that family and friends took the time to send us, which is why I have searched for fun ways to upcycle Christmas cards so I can use them in another great way. You can use the entire card or just cut out the image or words to use for your upcycle. I would love it if you could let me know if you have used any of these ideas and share the many ways to upcycle Christmas cards that you have tried.

1. Winter Wreath

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If you are now in need of a winter wreath after taking down your holiday one, this DIY will become one of your favorite ways to upcycle Christmas cards. You don’t need much to create this beautiful craft with your cards. A circle punch will come in handy if you have one; if not, you can find them in the scrapbook section at craft stores and some dollar stores may have them as well. I love this design over at bhg.com or this one that uses a holly stencil at goodhousekeeping.com.

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