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7 Creative DIY Gifts for Your Boyfriend ...

By Diana

Sometimes guys can be so difficult to shop for, so to help you ladies out I have compiled a list of creative DIY gifts for your boyfriend or husband that he'll love finding under the tree this Christmas! No more standing at the store wondering what football t-shirt he doesn’t have yet or buying him another bottle of cologne. Give him something from the heart that you know he will love when you make one of these great DIY gifts for your boyfriend.

1 Personalized Coffee Mug

cup, tap, coffee cup, ceramic, cup, DIY gifts for your boyfriend or husband don’t have to be time consuming or difficult to put together, which is why I love the idea of making him a personalized coffee mug. I'm sure you've seen these before. It's definitely one of the best DIY gifts for your boyfriend or husband this Christmas.
Here's a great tutorial:

2 DIY IPad Sleeve

technology, electronic device, product, laptop, product design, Guys have a lot of gadgets, but they don’t always think about sleeves and covers to protect them. So, this is where you come in with a DIY iPad or e-reader sleeve. There are a lot of cute tutorials and patterns out there that feature flowers, cute little animals, and such for a girl’s iPad sleeve, but I’m pretty sure your guy wants something you won’t be stealing from him All you really need is the fabric you want to start with, some padding for the inside, and a great tutorial to show you how to put it together.
Check out the ideas here:


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3 Team Blanket

red, team, product, uniform, public relations, He may have a team throw blanket already, but does he have one that you made? OK, so you don’t sew...well it's easy to put together a no sew stadium blanket. Genius, right? This is a simple gift that you know he’s going to love, and will want to take to every game with him...not because it’s his team but because you made it!
Here's a tutorial:

4 DIY Comic Book Coasters

material, product design, floor, plumbing fixture, plaster, Is your guy a comic book nerd or a big fan of Marvel films? If so, he is going to love this DIY coaster gift idea. Couldn’t you just see these fun comic book coasters on the set of “The Big Bang Theory”? Any man is going to go crazy for these.
Here's how to make them:

5 DIY Canvas Art

blue, water, underwater, sky, phenomenon, There are so many different DIY projects you can put together with a blank canvas. Maybe you want to try to transfer a photo onto the canvas and make it look old and distressed. Maybe you're going to paint something or add a quote. Whatever you decide, your man is going to love a one-of-a-kind piece of art.
Need some ideas:

6 Tool Storage

hand, finger, close up, foot, macro photography, This DIY project is a great idea for your guy if you don’t have a space in your home for him to keep all of his tools together. An easy wall storage system is all you need to give him the space he needs. You can place it in the garage or workroom. No more tools lying all over the place!
If you want portable storage, check out this tutorial:

7 DIY Clock

measuring instrument, product design, clock, font, gauge, There are many ways you can build a DIY clock if you use a little imagination and a clock kit, of course! If you have a clock kit, you can make your guy a cool clock from anything you know he’ll love! Maybe it's a bike wheel or a cool piece of wood. Whatever it turns out to be, he's going to love it!
Here are more ideas:

What are some DIY gifts you have made for your boyfriend or husband? Would you make any of these DIY gifts?

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