19 Adorable DIY Valentine's Day Ideas for Kids ...


19 Adorable DIY Valentine's Day Ideas for Kids ...
19 Adorable DIY Valentine's Day Ideas for Kids ...

If your kids are tired of the same rectangular, store-bought valentines, try one of these DIY Valentine’s Day ideas for kids this year and allow them to wow their entire class with a gift that will be sure to stand out! These DIY Valentine’s Day ideas for kids are easy to make and inexpensive, not to mention fun! Give one of these a try.

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Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets As far as DIY Valentine’s Day ideas for kids go, this is one of the easiest and most inexpensive, yet absolutely adorable ways to go! Have your child make simple friendship bracelets for all of the kids in their class. Pick out a few colors of embroidery thread which is usually somewhere around.50 cents at Wal-Mart or any craft store. You and your child can whip out a ton of these cute bracelets if you stick with a simple braid. Add a cute construction paper or card stock Valentine note and you’re all set!


To personalize these charming tokens of friendship, consider choosing embroidery thread in pink, red, and white to echo the Valentine's Day theme. Teach your little ones various braiding techniques, such as fishtail or chevron, for a fun afternoon activity. It's a fantastic way for them to hone their fine motor skills while expressing creativity. Incorporating small beads or charms can make each bracelet unique. And don't forget, these bracelets can easily double as bookmarks, making them both a lovely gift and a practical keepsake for their friends!


Recycled Crayon Hearts

Recycled Crayon Hearts If your house is like mine and you have boxes of broken wax crayons lying around, you can actually get away with making these fun and useful Valentine’s gifts for basically free! If not, crayons are pretty cheap, so no worries about expensive materials. All you need to do to make these is peel the paper from your crayons and cut them up into little chunks. Take a silicone heart shaped (or any shape, really) ice cube tray or candy mold and fill it with your crayon bits. Place in an oven preheated to 350 degrees for approximately 10 minutes. You’ll have to peek at them every few minutes to make sure they don’t burn. As soon as you notice all of the chunks are melted, remove them from the oven. Let them cool (once they are cool to the touch you can pop them in the freezer). Pop each new crayon out of the mold and package it however you would like. Candy or jewelry packaging supplies at craft stores are exceptionally cheap, so check those out!


These recycled crayon hearts not only provide a creative outlet for your kids but are also environmentally friendly, as they put those leftover wax pieces to good use. They can mix different colors to create unique patterns, or sort them into color themes for a more uniform look. It’s a wonderful way to teach about recycling and color mixing! Plus, kids adore peeling and breaking crayons, which adds a fun preparation step before the actual crafting begins. Once the hearts are all set, they're perfect for coloring or to give away as colorful tokens of friendship. What’s more, your little ones will beam with pride knowing they've made something so pretty and practical all by themselves!


School of Fish

School of Fish I think this project is absolutely adorable. It can be done with Goldfish crackers for younger kids or Swedish fish candies for the older ones. Either way it’s a fun, tasty snack that is cost effective and cute! Use card stock to print the fishbowl with your Valentine message on it, and package your fish with the note in clear plastic packaging. Again, look in the candy packaging section at Wal-Mart or a craft store for packaging supplies.


Don't be afraid to get a little creative with this one! Customize your fishbowl design by adding aquatic-themed stickers or drawing in some playful sea plants and bubbles to set the scene. You can even personalize each Valentine by writing a special message on the fishbowl, making it a memorable keepsake. This craft is perfect for parents and kids to make together, or it can be a great last-minute idea for classroom Valentine's since it's quick and easy. Plus, kids will love sharing a snack with friends that's both sweet and has that homemade touch!


Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere!

Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere! If you’d like to give a candy free Valentine’s gift, you can’t go wrong with bubbles! Kids love bubbles! Heck, I love bubbles and I’m pushing 30! You can find the thin tubes of bubbles in the wedding section of most stores that sell wedding items or you can find them cheaply at the dollar store…and sometimes if you buy in bulk they even give you a discount ;) Just affix your tag and you’re done!


Love Bugs

Love Bugs You can get bags of bugs in most toy aisles of any store and one or two bags should easily cover an entire class. Make jar shaped cards out of card stock or different colored construction paper and use glue dots to stick your bugs to them.


Glow Sticks

Glow Sticks Glow sticks are a wonderful non-edible gift that works great for girls and boys alike. Create your paper tags and use a hole punch to allow the sticks to slide through the tags and you’re all done! You can find packages of glow sticks at Dollar Tree or Wal-Mart but you can also order them in bulk if you search online, give Amazon and eBay a try!


I Mustache You a Question

I Mustache You a Question Stick on mustaches are a funny little gift that kids will love goofing around with. Buy a few sheets of adhesive felt and cut out different styles of mustaches. Leave the backing on the adhesive side and attach the whole thing to a cute card with a glue dot so that the adhesive is still usable when the kids get their gifts. They will have a ton of fun showing off their faux facial hair.



Kiss-Mouse These wee Hershey's Kisses mice are quick and easy to make - and is there any child in the world who doesn't love stick-on googly eyes?



Rulers No candy involved, and very little miss. Print the tags onto red or pink paper, then let the little one cuts the holes to slide the rulers in, and add the little glitter heart stickers.


This is a charming and simple craft that combines practicality with a touch of love. By choosing eco-friendly wooden rulers, you're also giving a nod to sustainability, which is a great lesson for children. It's the perfect non-candy Valentine that classmates can actually use, making your child a star for both cleverness and thoughtfulness. The touch of glitter adds just enough sparkle to catch the eye, while the homemade tag bestows a personal touch that sets this Valentine apart from the store-bought ones.



Teddies This idea is just like the goldfish in a bag, just with Teddy Grahams instead. Again, just print the message on cardstock, fill the baggies with bears, then staple the bags shut. So cute!



Minions Turn Twinkies into Minions in just a few easy steps! Print and cut out the hearts, make the construction paper "eye," then use a marker to draw the smile. So cute!



Assemble-an-Olaf Frozen-fever isn't going anywhere, so why not celebrate Valentine's Day with everyone's favorite snowman, who loves warm hugs? Print the labels on cardstock, stuff each baggie with Olaf-fixings, staple shut, and there you have it!


Paper Airplanes

Paper Airplanes These will be much easier, and much more fun, to bring to school unassembled, and let the kids fold them on their own. The printable is free, but why not let your little ones personalize them a bit, too?


They could decorate their planes with doodles, stickers, or sweet messages to exchange with their classmates. Encourage them to explore their creativity - they might want to experiment with different types of paper or colors to make the planes truly unique. It's not just about crafting; it's also a fantastic way to introduce basic principles of aerodynamics through play. Plus, hosting a friendly flying contest could be the perfect finale to this Valentine's Day activity.


Hooked on You Pail

The idea here is to give your little one a sweet treat in a cute container. Use a clear jar and fill it with gummy worms so they can be seen. Then, tape on a cute note that says, “I’m hooked on you.” Your child will feel special and will enjoy eating the tasty candy.


Coupon Booklet

Your kid has probably given you a homemade coupon book, but have you ever given them one? Things like no chores, an extra book at bedtime or a trip to the park all make great ideas of what to include in your book.


Silly Straw

Kids can’t enough of straws that have funky shapes so why not let them drink their morning milk out of one for Valentine’s Day? Turn the milk pink with red food coloring to make it extra special.


Love Themed Bookmarks

The great thing about a bookmark is that you can make your own on a plain sheet of paper or you can use fancy paper to make them. Every kid needs at least one bookmark when she reads and your kid will love this gift idea.


Creating love-themed bookmarks is also a wonderful opportunity to have your child burst with creativity. Let them doodle, add stickers, or write sweet Valentine's messages to personalize each bookmark. Attach a little ribbon or some sparkling glitter to give it that extra special touch. This tiny yet thoughtful gift can accompany any Valentine's card or book gift, and each time they dive into their latest read, they'll remember the love and effort put into their unique placeholder. Plus, it's a perfect rainy-day activity to share with your little ones, full of giggles and artistic fun!


Play Dough with Tools

Little hands love playing with dough so you can bet your little one will love getting this gift on Valentine’s Day. Wrap the dough up with a bow and you’re good to go.


Give the gift of creative play by including various tools such as rolling pins, cookie cutters, and stamps along with the play dough. These tools not only enhance the fun but also help in fine-tuning motor skills. They can spend hours crafting hearts, flowers, and other Valentine's-themed shapes. The vibrant colors and squishy texture will keep them engaged and happy. Don’t forget to include a cute, handmade Valentine's card with a sweet message to show your affection!


Best Friend Necklace

Remember these from when you were a kid? The little one in your life will love sharing one with you. A best friends keychain is a great alternative for little boys.

If you love crafty, DIY gifts and want to pass the love of the home-made down to your children, try some of these DIY Valentine’s ideas for kids and help them impress their entire class! What sort of DIY gifts do you and your kids make for Valentine’s Day?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Jennifer Knightstep.

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