19 Delightful Valentine's Day Decor Ideas ...


19 Delightful Valentine's Day Decor Ideas ...
19 Delightful Valentine's Day Decor Ideas ...

With Valentine's Day around the corner, it's time to start decorating the house! We rounded up some cute, creative, and wonderfully romantic ideas to help you with your V-Day decor! Check them out and feel free to share any of YOUR ideas/faves in the comments!

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M&Ms Topiary

crochet,pink,art,flower,food, Those pink, red, and white circles are M&Ms! Very cool, yes? If you want to make your own, you will need a flower pot, a round Styrofoam ball, a wooden post or dowel, paint, Valentine's Day M&Ms, ribbon, moss, and hot glue.



Tissue Paper Fringe

font,art,banner,illustration,advertising, Tissue paper is always a handy craft material to have. If you happen to have some in pink and red, you can use them to make this lovely fringe Valentine's Day decor. This is a simple cutting and gluing project that your kids can help you with.




product,lighting,light fixture,lamp,292, These are all sorts of adorable! These would be great for writing notes to members of your family. Perhaps you can write a note a day until the 14th? The mailboxes used here were bought in Target. They were then glued to spray painted candlestick holders and embellished with scrapbook paper letters.



Paper Rosettes

pink,heart,petal,organ,ear, These are absolutely darling as well. And so easy to do! If you can't find wooden hearts, you can always use cardboard or card stock. I think foam sheet will work, too.



Bouquet Ball

pink,flower,art,pattern, How cute is this Valentine's Day decor? Much like the first tutorial, you will need a Styrofoam ball to make this lovely project. You will hot glue silk flowers to it and then hang using pretty ribbon. Easy-peasy!



Heart Trees

christmas tree, christmas decoration, pink, purple, christmas, Yep, you can create tree decor not only in December but also for other months of the year. For February, Christina shows us how to make these delightful heart trees. I love the skeleton key charms she added.



Confetti Bottles

pink,food,dessert,petal,flower, This is probably the easiest project among these DIY Valentine's Day decor ideas. To make your lovely bottle beauties, you spray paint them white, wrap double sided tape around the middle section, and roll them around hole punches. Fun!



Crayon Suncatcher

pink,product,heart,petal,organ, This is an easy craft project that you can do on a sunny day. The materials that you will need are wax paper, crayons, kraft paper, and iron. Check out Martha for the instructions.



Pom Poms

curtain,pink,interior design,product,window treatment, Here is another easy DIY Valentine's Day decor. To make this, you thread pom poms and hang like a curtain. I'd do this but I have cats.



Book Page Heart Mobile

white,room,interior design,art,lighting, This mobile may have a heart motif but I think you can keep this decor all year. It's too pretty to take down after Feb. 14. If you want to make your own, head on over to Being Brook for the how-to.



Valentine's Arrows

pink,flower,art,christmas decoration, Have you been struck by Cupid's arrows? These are so sweet! It's fun and easy to recreate - you can even swap the triangular tips for heart-shaped ones. Leave them laying around the house!



Table Runner

meal,table,dinner,food,lunch, Having a romantic dinner? Personalize it with this cute DIY table runner! Using chalkboard scrapbook paper, show off sweet messages to your loved ones! You can then decorate it with candles and rose petals.



Love String Art

pink,heart,christmas decoration,art,fashion accessory, String art is having a moment and, not only does it look great when it's finished, but it's really fun to put together too. The variations in string color make it really interesting and you can hang this just about anywhere in your house to get into the Valentine's Day mood.



Photo Cubes

organ,games,number,eye, This DIY is a fun way to showcase all the couples in your life as you celebrate the day of love. The blocks spell out "love" but also give you a great way to display photos that you don't always keep out. You'll smile every time you look at these adorable blocks.



Valentine Wrapped Trees

Faerie Magazine,red,christmas tree,christmas decoration,crochet, You've probably seen these for Christmas, but change up the color scheme and they're perfect for Valentine's Day too. Simply wrap a cardboard cone in pink or red yarn, then embellish with tiny hearts on a string. Easy, right?



Super Cute Throw Pillows

red,furniture,product,bed sheet,duvet cover, Swap out your usual couch and bed pillows for these DIY alternatives and it will be so easy to get into the spirit of Valentine's Day.These are super simple to put together but will set the mood in your house just right.



Valentine's Day Bunting

red, text, heart, font, love, Declare your love out in the open with this stylish and bold bunting that you can download and print.



Chalkboard Messages

chalk, font, picture frame, paint, blackboard, This is such a charming way to deliver some heartfelt words you really want to share with your significant other.



Say It in Pink

wall, interior design, lighting, design, ceiling, This is so easy peasy and so eye-catching. All you need is a pad of pink sticky notes and plenty of cute, endearing, funny and romantic phrases. Then, just arrange in a heart shape.

I hope that these DIY Valentine's Day decor get your crafting gears going. If you have more ideas, we'd love to hear them. Please share them with us via the comments below.

This article was written in collaboration with editor Vanessa Salles.

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So cute!!!! :) love all of these ideas!

The M&Ms topiary, the jar candles and the heart mobile are all amazing!

All these ideas are so pretty!


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