17 Delightful DIY Valentine's Day Banners ...

By Meream

17 Delightful DIY Valentine's Day Banners ...

February 14 is right around the corner, so you should really get started on that DIY Valentine's Day banner. If you don't know how to go about it, we have here cute and creative Valentine's Day garlands to help you out. These DIY Valentine banners are wonderfully simple to make and are sure to make your home look more delightful come February. Let's check them out!

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1 Sweet Messages

Sweet Messages How cute! The link below has a wonderful printable that you can download. Print, cut, and follow the instructions on how to hang these cute Valentine's Day messages.


2 Doily Hearts

Doily Hearts These doily heart DIY Valentine's Day garlands are all sorts of adorable, too. To make some for your home, you will need heart doilies, heart prints, baker's twine, and craft glue. You glue the printed hearts to the doilies and then hang them using the baker's twine. Easy!


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3 Love Notes

Love Notes This DIY banner gives you a chance to write a little note to your special someone every day until the 14th of February. It's very similar to an advent calendar, but for V-Day. Cute idea!


4 Knitted Hearts

Knitted Hearts If I knew how to knit, I'd be giving this tutorial a go. But I don't so I'll leave this wonderful DIY Valentine's Day banner to our lovely readers who knit.


5 Cut-out Hearts

Cut-out Hearts Got lots of pretty scrapbook paper or card stock? You can use them to make this simple and cute Valentine's Day garland. Other materials that you will need are a heart shape stencil, craft knife, cutting board, string, scissors, and tape.


6 True Love

True Love This banner is all sorts of adorable as well. Fleece Fun was nice enough to provide a printable for this Valentine's Day project. Head on over to the blog to download and print your own sweet and cute garland.



XOXO This is my favorite from this list of DIY Valentine's Day banners. This is one of those things that affirms my belief that there is beauty in simplicity. And that gray and red always look beautiful together.


8 Chevron

Chevron Here is a trendy DIY Valentine's Day banner to decorate your home with. This is a printable provided by Kristi. She said that she printed hers on paper but if you want a sturdier garland, you can go for card stock.


9 Cinnamon and Heart

Cinnamon and Heart This is a Valentine's Day banner that not only looks rustic and chic but smells wonderful as well. To make this, you will need jute twine, cinnamon sticks, fabric, wooden spools, and stuffing.


10 Ric Rac

Ric Rac This cute banner is made of a jumbo ric rac. Those are always cute to craft with. What you do is sew white lace appliques to the felt hearts. Sandwich the ric rac between two felt hearts and stitch around them using white embroidery floss. Hang and enjoy.


11 3D Junk Mail

3D Junk Mail I assume you have no love for junk mail but you can use it to celebrate the love month. Here Shannan shows us how she transformed those pesky mailbox squatters into a cute Valentine's Day decor.


12 Hanging 3D Hearts

Hanging 3D Hearts The following DIY is similar to the previous tutorial but the 3D hearts are displayed vertically. You can use fabric instead of paper, too.


13 Burlap Banner

Burlap Banner Burlap is a lovely, rustic material ideal for all manner of banners. There's something sweet about the way it goes with the hearts, though. All you'll need is the burlap, some felt for the hearts, a fusible webbing, twine or yarn, a tapestry needle, your trusty scissors, a ruler, and a pencil and paper for the template.


14 Craft Paper and Doilies

Craft Paper and Doilies It's amazing what you can do with the simplest things. This banner is sweet, soft, and feminine. The great part is that you can customize it any way you like, although I quite like all the floral patterns here. What about you?


15 Paperback Banner

Paperback Banner This is perfect for bookworms, although it might hurt your heart to cut out any pages! The vintage appeal is absolutely enchanting, however, and if you want to give it an even more romantic twist, you could choose pages with sweet or loving passages, perhaps from your favorite literary love stories.


16 Candy Hearts Garland

Candy Hearts Garland Ah, those ubiquitous candy hearts! They taste like chalk but they make amazing decor on Valentine's Day. This banner would go over big with kids, but it's a wonderful way to brighten up the living room in February too. It's also incredibly simple and you can customize your phrases if you like.


17 Be Mine Banner

Be Mine Banner Why not share your Valentine's message with your skillfully made bunting? This is so bright and cheerful, it's sure to make your Valentine's heart flutter. The patterns are particularly eye-catching and, again, here you have a banner that's easy to personalize to your taste.


So there you have adorable DIY Valentine's Day banners or garlands. Got other equally cute ideas? Share them with us!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lyndsie Robinson.

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