8 Awesome DIY Drawer Organizers ...

Planning on doing a thorough spring cleaning soon? We are here to help via this list of DIY Drawer Organizers. The following handmade drawer organizers range from oh-so-simple to a tad complex. Some are wonderful recycling projects while others will require you to construct something using nifty power tools. But no matter what kind of **DIY drawer divider **you end up making, we are certain that your home will benefit from it. Let's check them out!

1. Molding

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How pretty! The star of this DIY drawer organizer would be the dentil molding. You can find them in home centers or lumberyards for quite an affordable price. To install them, you simply glue them into place. You can also use brad nails. The texture of the dentil molding makes it easy for you to divide drawers into sections of different sizes.


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