8 Sensational Plastic Spoon Craft Projects ...


8 Sensational Plastic Spoon Craft Projects ...
8 Sensational Plastic Spoon Craft Projects ...

Looking for more fun recycling DIYs? We give you a wonderful list here with Plastic Spoon Craft Projects. Plastic spoons are incredibly cheap. Aside from making party-planning easy, there are also many creative plastic spoon DIYs that you can do. From toys to accessories to gorgeous home decor, these plastic spoon craft projects are sure to delight you.

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Rose This** plastic spoon DIY** is all sorts of awesome. It's no surprise that this is one of the all-time popular craft projects on Cut Out + Keep. Not only is this fun to do, it can also be used for lots of fun craft projects. A few ideas: pendant, brooch, headband embellishment, and so many more.



Chrysanthemum Clock

Chrysanthemum Clock Look at that beautiful wall clock! Can you believe that the border of this wall clock are plastic spoons? To make this gorgeous item, you don't need to buy plastic spoons in a color that you like. White will do. After you make the chrysanthemum arrangement, you simply spray paint the spoons and add the clock part. Fun!



Pine Cone Ball

Pine Cone Ball Okay, this is a holiday craft project but it would have been silly of me not to include this here. Why? Because this plastic spoon DIY is clever. And also because there is no one stopping you from making a pine cone craft in the middle of winter.




Maracas This is a fun plastic spoon DIY project that your kids will absolutely love. To make these fun maracas, you will need plastic Easter eggs, popcorn kernels, plastic spoons, white tape, and markers in different colors. Head on over to Dana Made It for the simple tutorial.



Chrysanthemum Mirror

Chrysanthemum Mirror This is a project quite similar to the clock idea but instead of a timekeeping device, you will be using a looking glass. To get the ombre effect, Kristi spray painted all plastic spoons using the lightest color first and then hand painted the darker ones along the middle. The result: a mirror that is both gorgeous and trendy.



Tiny Trees

Tiny Trees This is another holiday-specific plastic spoon DIY. Of course, you can still choose to make these this coming spring. I say you spray paint them in pastel or Easter-inspired colors and display them on your mantel.



Neon Bangle

Neon Bangle Neon may no longer be trendy but you can still rock these eco-friendly (and unique accessories) if you're in the mood for something bright. For those who don't like neon colors but are interested in making these fun bangles, you can choose to use clear or white plastic spoons and then spray paint them in any color you like.



Laurel Wreath

Laurel Wreath This is a clever DIY inspired by a store window display. To make this wreath, you simply hot glue plastic spoons in the form of a circle. This is so simple, you can make a pretty wreath in 15 minutes or less.


I hope you enjoyed this list of plastic spoon craft projects. If you can think of other ways to** craft with plastic spoons**, please share via the comments section below.

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Saw this from cloecoture on YouTube during the summer (:

These are very neat!

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