7 Amazing Game of Thrones Craft Projects ...


7 Amazing Game of Thrones Craft Projects ...
7 Amazing Game of Thrones Craft Projects ...

The start of the 3rd season of Game of Thrones is just around the corner. This means doing a few Game of Thrones Craft Projects, aside from getting absolutely excited about the show. We have here a list of** Game of Thrones-inspired DIYs** that are sure to make your TV geek heart bursting with delight. Some of these will help you create items that you can see on the show. Others are more like tributes but they are still sure to make the Game of Thrones fan in you very happy.

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Westeros Cork Map


Oh, how fun is this? This is reminding me that I should get started on that Discworld map that I have been planning to make for ages. I will be painting mine, though, instead of using cork. To make this fantastic Westeros map, you will simply trace and cut templates using cork, glue them onto a canvas painted blue, and hang. Don't forget to add the compass rose.



Dragon Easter Egg

Dragon Easter Egg This** Game of Thrones DIY project** is perfect for the upcoming Easter holiday. For those who would like to try unconventional methods of making Easter eggs, this tutorial is sure to help you. To make dragon eggs, you will need hard-boiled eggs, flat-head pins, hot glue, and pliers.



Resin Dragon Eggs

Resin Dragon Eggs Here we have another dragon egg tutorial. Unlike the previous DIY, though, this is a wee bit complex. In fact, I recommend this** Game of Thrones craft** project to those who have worked with resin and making molds before. If you're a beginner, there are simpler molding ideas that you can have fun with. Once you're ready for an advanced project, this tutorial by Blind Squirrel Props has got you covered.



Direwolf Pup Costume

Direwolf Pup Costume How adorable! Halloween is still many months away but really, there is no one stopping you from sewing this cute direwolf pup costume for the little ones. I love this tutorial because you can basically make a costume of any of the direwolves. Simply change the fur color and you got yourself a Grey Wind, Lady, Nymeria, Summer, Shaggydog, or a Ghost.



Winter is Coming Scarf

Winter is Coming Scarf Sure it's already spring but chances are it's still quite cold in your neck of the woods. If it is, you might want to give this knitting project a go. This is a free pattern over at Ravelry.



Popcorn Boxes

Popcorn Boxes Planning a viewing party for the premier of season 3? If you are, you will want to make these fun Game of Thrones DIY popcorn boxes. These are incredibly simple to make. You simply print a popcorn box template, add the sigil of the houses, and fill with popcorn.



Scrabble Tile Coaster

Scrabble Tile Coaster This craft project is something that I have mentioned in my Scrabble tile DIY post. To give these coasters a Game of Thrones twist, you will be spelling out character names from the story. Names with up to 4 letters will work. If you would like to include longer names or even quotes from the show, you can choose to make Scrabble tile wall art instead.


Aren't these Game of Thrones DIY projects fun? If you've made some things inspired by Game of Thrones, we'd love to hear about them. What did you make? Care to share the tutorials with us?

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Sooo excited about GoT next week!!! I may just have to make the Easter eggs for all our friends too. Game of Thrones party favors!!

Omg my bf is a huge Game of Thrones fan! This would be perfect to make and put in an Easter basket!

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