7 Amazing Game of Thrones Craft Projects ...

The start of the 3rd season of Game of Thrones is just around the corner. This means doing a few Game of Thrones Craft Projects, aside from getting absolutely excited about the show. We have here a list of** Game of Thrones-inspired DIYs** that are sure to make your TV geek heart bursting with delight. Some of these will help you create items that you can see on the show. Others are more like tributes but they are still sure to make the Game of Thrones fan in you very happy.

1. Westeros Cork Map

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Oh, how fun is this? This is reminding me that I should get started on that Discworld map that I have been planning to make for ages. I will be painting mine, though, instead of using cork. To make this fantastic Westeros map, you will simply trace and cut templates using cork, glue them onto a canvas painted blue, and hang. Don't forget to add the compass rose.


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