11 Swoon-worthy Easter Decoration Ideas for Crafty Girls ...


11 Swoon-worthy Easter Decoration Ideas for Crafty Girls ...
11 Swoon-worthy Easter Decoration Ideas for Crafty Girls ...

Easter is fast approaching and if you want to add a festive touch to your home for the holiday and you are looking for some Easter decoration ideas, then you have come to the right place. This holiday, while religious in nature, is also a celebration of the beginning of spring and new life, and decorating for the holiday can add a sweet touch to your home. You don’t have to spend a ton of money; these Easter decoration ideas are easy on the wallet and they are easy to achieve.

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Egg Wreath

wreath, branch, green, christmas decoration, twig, Of all the Easter decoration ideas, this one will give your guests a warm welcome into your home. Hang a wreath made up of eggs on your front door to usher in the Easter holiday and to welcome in your guests. You can either purchase a ready-made egg wreath from a store, or you can DIY. In order to make one yourself, just buy a straw wreath form and plastic Easter eggs. Attach the Easter eggs to the wreath with a hot glue gun and you will have a lovely wreath.


Egg wreaths are a popular Easter decoration that can add a touch of charm and whimsy to your home. They are typically made with plastic or real eggs, and can be customized with various colors and designs to match your personal style. In addition to being hung on front doors, they can also be displayed on walls or placed on tables as a centerpiece. For a more eco-friendly option, consider using biodegradable materials such as twine or natural fibers to create your wreath. Egg wreaths are not only easy and fun to make, but they also make for a great activity to do with kids during the Easter season.


Easter Garland

green, Buy a lovely simple garland like the one shown above or if you're feeling crafty do some DIY. Create egg garlands and display them throughout your house. Creating the banners is a cinch; just cut out egg shapes from pastel colored construction paper and embellish them with markers or glitter, if you wish. Punch holes on either side of the eggs and string them onto a length of ribbon. Display the garland on your mantle, from window valances or over doorways to add a festive touch.


Egg Centerpiece

glass, lighting, vase, material, drinkware, You can use eggs to create an attractive centerpiece for your Easter table. To do so, just fill a clear vase with a collection of plastic Easter eggs. You can further accent the centerpiece by adding some Easter grass between the eggs.


Floral Centerpiece

flower, pink, flower arranging, plant, flower bouquet, Spring flowers are such a delight at Easter. It's just a shame they don't last long. Solve that with a silk bouquet. For a different take on a centerpiece for your Easter table, use candy and flowers. Fill up a clear vase with pastel-colored candies and set a bouquet of spring flowers into the vase, such as lilies, tulips or daffodils. This centerpiece will certainly add a colorful spring touch to your table.


Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

flower, flower arranging, plant, pink, flower bouquet, Since Easter marks the start of spring, flowers are a central focus of the holiday. Add a festive touch to home for the holiday by bringing in lots of flowers. Tulips, daffodils, and lilies are the flowers that are most commonly associated with the holiday and they are really quite lovely. Set them in vases throughout your home.


Easter is a holiday that celebrates new beginnings and the arrival of spring. Flowers are a perfect representation of this theme, making them a popular choice for Easter decorations. In addition to the traditional flowers mentioned in the article, other popular choices include hyacinths, daisies, and hyacinths. These flowers not only add a touch of color and beauty to your home, but they also symbolize rebirth and growth. For crafty girls, incorporating flowers into Easter decorations can be a fun and creative DIY project. From flower wreaths to centerpieces, there are endless possibilities for adding flowers to your Easter decor.


Indoor Egg Tree

Pink, Branch, Artificial flower, Centrepiece, Spring, Construct a tree and display eggs on it inside your home. Collect some branches from outside and insert them into floral foam. Place the floral foam inside a decorative bowl. Tie decorative ribbon around plastic Easter eggs and hang the eggs from the branches. Set the completed decoration anywhere that you think is appropriate. a set of speckled eggs is just what you need to get started.


Easter Basket

flower arranging, floristry, flower, christmas decoration, food, A basket is a great base for creating an Easter display. You can fill it with flowers, eggs, bunnies, greenery ... whatever reminds you of spring and the holiday. A largish basket can be set on a table, on the porch, or on the stairs to create a charming Easter statement.


Easter Bunnies

plant, tree, army men, land plant, leaf, No other animal, except chicks, is as synonymous with Easter than bunny rabbits. Whether you have them poking out of displays or make them stand loud and proud, everyone is charmed by an Easter bunny. Knit them, craft them, paint them or buy some gorgeous live ivy topiary ones.


Bunnies are irresistible touches to any Easter ensemble. Their silhouettes can be transformed into charming garlands or festive table place settings. With a touch of creativity, you can even repurpose fluffy white pom-poms as adorable tails for that added whimsy. Don't shy away from integrating bunny motifs on throw pillows or Easter cards. A burst of pastels with a rabbit-shaped cutout brings springtime cheer into your home. For an interactive spin, hosting a bunny-themed Easter egg hunt elevates the excitement, making each find a delightful surprise nestled by these lovable critters.


Easter Table Runner

furniture, table, tablecloth, textile, bed sheet, You don't need to be a whizz on the sewing machine to make a simple runner to grace your Easter table. All you need to do is hem a length of your chosen fabric cut to the size you want. Go for a bold color that offsets your table setting, an accent color, or something that totally shouts Easter, like one covered in Easter bunnies.


Placecard Holders

wedding favors, nna, Placecard holders can be a simple craft. You can go to town with all sorts of materials - whatever gets your crafting juices flowing. A visit to the craft store will set your imagination running. Test your drawing or calligraphy skills for simple name cards or pick up some small nests, birds and mini eggs to assemble. Use mini chocolate eggs for an after lunch/dinner treat. (Or buy some ready made.🙂)


Easter Candles

lighting, food, flower, light fixture, It's always fun finding new ways to display candles and there's no shortage of inspiration for DIY projects. Whether you want to paint glass or create multiple displays from collections of mason jars or wooden candlesticks, you'll add a cozy touch to your Easter home.

After a long and cold winter, Easter and the signs of spring that are associated with it are much welcomed. Decorating for the holiday can help you to quickly wipe away those winter doldrums and spread some springtime cheer. Which of these Easter decoration ideas do you think that you will try?

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