11 Genius DIY Mud Room or Entryway Projects ...

By Meream

11 Genius DIY Mud Room or Entryway Projects ...

We continue with our smart storage ideas with these DIY Mud Room or Entryway Projects. Unlike many DIY posts I have written, most of these** DIY mud room or entryway projects** call for carpentry. Of course, we also have several that are very simple to do, you will not have to turn to your hammer for help. Enjoy!

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1 Smiling Mud Room

Smiling Mud Room Look at this pretty storage area! This is a plan brought to us by Ana White. Isn't the color beautiful? If your mud room is the least pretty room in the house, I think it deserves a shelf as gorgeous as this one.


2 Welded Console

Welded Console I am in love with this console table. Not only is it minimalist and chic, it also looks quite easy to do. If you happen to know someone who is an expert, you can ask the welder to make the legs for you and you can add the wooden piece on top after.


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3 Hanging Branch

Hanging Branch If you're a fan of rustic elements in your home, this is a good way to organize your entryway. Simply hang a tough enough branch to the ceiling, add hangers, and you got yourself an simple DIY entryway project


4 Mantel and Hooks

Mantel and Hooks One great DIY entryway idea is to display photos of your family. These would be perfect for welcoming your guests to your lovely home. You can display said photos hanging on your wall or propped on a mantel. The latter is a better idea, methinks.


5 Slim Shelf

Slim Shelf This is a clever DIY entryway idea; I think I will steal this. We happen to have an unused shelf that is slim enough for this purpose. If you would like to do the same, other materials that you will need are only brackets, drill, and screws.


6 Hall Tree Bench

Hall Tree Bench This looks somewhat similar to the mud room shelves built by Ana White but this one can be moved from one room to another. Pretty genius, right? Check out the link below for the comprehensive video tutorials.


7 Scrap Wood Console Table

Scrap Wood Console Table This beautifully distressed DIY entryway console table is made of wood scraps. Impressive, right? No advanced carpentry skills needed, too.


8 Entry Nook Bench

Entry Nook Bench I have no experience when it comes to making furniture but this DIY entryway idea looks simple enough that I might just try it. What Crystal did was cover a piece of plywood with batting and fabric and attach 4 spindle legs to the underside. That's it, really.


9 Deck Post Slim Console

Deck Post Slim Console Much like several of the tutorials I've mentioned here, this particular idea shows a clever reuse of certain materials. The legs of this entryway table used to be deck posts. The middle section is a glass-less window.


10 Cheap Console Table

Cheap Console Table This chic console table cost only a little over $18 to make. This cost only applies if you already have wood stain, paint, nails, and other tools, of course. But I bet you will not spend a lot even if you still end up buying those materials.


11 Gym Baskets

Gym Baskets This is a clever DIY entryway or mudroom idea brought to us by Martha Stewart. For this project, you will simply be hanging wire baskets to a coat rack or any wall near your door. Label each basket (according to name of family members or what things should go to them), attach to wooden rails, and call it a day.


I hope that these DIY mud room or entryway projects inspire you to start spring cleaning. If you have other ideas, we'd love to hear them. Please share them below.

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