9 Awesome DIY Closet Organizers ...


9 Awesome DIY Closet Organizers ...
9 Awesome DIY Closet Organizers ...

Getting started on your spring cleaning? We are here to help with these DIY Closet Organizers. The closet organizer DIY ideas we have here range from very simple to some that will involve power tools. No matter your skill level, I'm sure that you will find these DIY closet organizers useful. I know I'll be trying a couple of these. Enjoy!

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Covered Pegboard

Covered Pegboard Isn't this clever? Not only does this give you lots of space for a wide array of items in your closet, this is also very simple to do. Basically, you frame a piece of pegboard (size is up to you) that is covered in fabric, add hooks and other storage units, and that's it. You can hang this on your closet door; walk-ins will work best.



Stiletto Organizer

Stiletto Organizer This is a genius idea as well. If your walk-in has a free wall, you can use it to cleverly hang your fabulous stilettos. These narrow shelves are easy to install and are quite cheap, too. In fact, Whitney spent only $4 to make 3 shelves. Fab, yes?



Scarf Holder

Scarf Holder If, like me, you need to see your accessories for them to enjoy constant outfit rotation, this wonderful DIY closet organizer is right up your alley. The great thing abut this is that it's very easy to make. You simply tape shower curtain rings to a hanger, add another layer of rings, and you're done. Hang on your closet door.



One-Sheet Plywood Closet Organizer

One-Sheet Plywood Closet Organizer This is a wonderfully clever DIY plan from the always-awesome Ana White. And yes, this will involve the use of power tools. If I had any, I'd surely be giving this one-sheet plywood awesomeness a go. I know my workshop closet could use this type of organizer.



Labeled Baskets

Labeled Baskets This is one simple way to organize your closet. To keep your things in order, use wicker baskets with labels. This will work quite splendidly for your linen closet. I reckon this idea is great for a craft room/studio space, too. Check out the link below for a guide on making the labels.



Gutter Guard Earring Holder

Gutter Guard Earring Holder Do you hang your earrings from nails near your closet door? If you think that these nails are quite unsightly, this fun DIY closet organizer idea is sure to make you smile. Not only is this quite ingenious, it's also perfect for those who happen to have a gazillion dangling earrings.



Nursery Closet Organizer

Nursery Closet Organizer Got a baby? Staying on top of the little one's clothes is a must, especially because they're tiny. What you can do is put labels on closet dividers using scrapbook paper and Mod Podge. Separate the clothes according to size (i.e. newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, etc).

8 Flip Flop Hangers
Nursery Closet Organizer This is something that I'm thinking of doing, too. I have more ballet flats than flip flops but with a few tweaks, I think this brilliant hanger idea might also work for flat shoes. Pretty awesome for organizing the shoe section of your closet, right?



Fabric Basket

Fabric Basket Alida made this beautiful fabric basket for storing diapers but I think baskets like these can be used to organize your closet, too. Instead of wicker or plastic bins, you can use fabric ones to organize linen, towels, and even fabrics in your craft area.


We'd love to hear other DIY closet organizer ideas. Have you got some? Have you made some? Don't hesitate to share and wow us with your creativity.

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A lot of great ideas

Luv this article .. We shld have more of these

If anyones interested, check out Alejandras YouTube channel called "homeorganising". She is AMAZING and is full of great organising ideas. I really recommend her. (although my A.D.D never has time to get anything organised. Ha.)

Whoops! I meant Homeorganzing ---- with a Z. Trust me she's good. Obsessive but really really good.

If you want to hang flats instead of flip flops just bend the metal in the opposite direction (to form an upside down parabola) and slip the toe of the shoe on it!

If your like me, you don't want to get on your hands & knees to get cleaning products or paper towels under the sink. Use an over-the-door shoe rack to put those pesky cleaning supplies. Or to reduce counter clutter in your bathroom, put your make-up, hair dryer, straightener, curling iron, perfumes... Going out of town? Roll it up, put a couple of bungee cords snugly around each end, and hang it up when you arrive! Send me your tips!!! I'm totally OCD when it comes to cleaning, organizing and decorating without clutter. Keep it simple, out of the way, and beautiful!

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