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9 DIY Ways to Display Kid's Art ...

By Meream

Support your kid's budding talent by trying one of these DIY ways to display kid's art. From projects that require basic carpentry to some that are so amazingly simple, these methods of displaying kid's art are sure to make your home feel like an artist's haven. Veer away from the usual art-on-the-fridge style and try one of these beautiful DIY ways to display kid's art.

1 Wall Grid

Wall GridWe start with a way to display kid's art that calls for a bit of carpentry. To make this, you will be needing pieces of wood nailed together like a grid. You can choose to give the lumber a nice wood finish or you can paint them in any color that you like. To hang the artwork, you will be using hangers with clips.


2 Magnetic Frames

Magnetic FramesIsn't this a wonderful twist on the fridge method of displaying kid's art? Any frame will do for this project but I think using some that have ornate detailing would be all sorts of wonderful. They will make your children's artwork look like they are in a museum.



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3 Clipped Frames

Clipped FramesHow cute! Aside from the visual appeal, these are also incredibly easy to make. You will simply glue clips onto the glass of frames and you're basically done. Clips your kid's art, display, and be proud.


4 Colorful Clips

Colorful ClipsFor this particular method of displaying kid's art, you will do a bit of carpentry and painting. It's very easy, though, so you don't really need an able-bodied person's help. What you need, however, are a long piece of wood, wooden clips, and paint. You use the latter to give the wooden clips a merry vibe. After assembly, you hang your display, clip the art, and that's it.


5 Roped Shelves

Roped ShelvesWhat if your kid makes sculpture? How do you display his or her masterpieces? This clever display is the perfect shelf for showing off clay sculptures. To make this, you simply attach ropes to the wall and balance the shelf horizontally by the bottom.


6 Patterned Plywood

Patterned PlywoodThe basic idea behind this art display is similar to the colorful clips project. Instead of lumber, though, the foundation used here is a piece of plywood with a lovely pattern. Chevron is always visually appealing but you can go crazy with your design. In fact, you can even ask your kids to paint the plywood!


7 Chalkboard Clips

Chalkboard ClipsAgain, this idea is similar to the colorful clip one, but this project comes with a chalkboard paint treatment. Perfect for families with more than one budding artist.


8 Bunting

BuntingDrowning in kid's art and running out of space in that old display that you made? Do not despair; we have a solution for you. Why don't you transform their work into colorful bunting? Not only is this a cute way to show off their work, the bunting will also prove useful in many occasions.


9 Rod

RodWith materials from the hardware store, you can create a beautiful kid's art display faster than you can say Picasso. To make these, you attach the rods to your wall, hang clips, and display your kids' artwork.


Got other ideas on ways to display kid's art? We'd love to hear them! Kindly share your ideas below. Don't forget to leave crafty tips for our other lovely readers, too.

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