8 Cute Lace and Denim DIY Projects to Try out ...

Lace and denim DIY projects exude equal amounts of adorable and edgy. A good handmade lace and denim craft project will make you appear sweet and tough at the same time. Whether you add lace to a shirt, jacket, or a pair of jeans, the end result will always be whimsically unique and charming. Let's get crafting with some cute lace and denim DIY projects!

1. Cuff

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Look at this adorable lace and denim DIY project! I love this for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it's a great way to add length to a pair of skinnies that have weirdly become too short. Secondly, it's an easy hand sewing project. You simply cut a strip of lace and then sew it to the hem of your jeans. You can choose to add the lace under (with it peeking from the cuff) or over the hem.

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