9 Adorable Ways to Craft with Doily Stencils ...


9 Adorable Ways to Craft with Doily Stencils ...
9 Adorable Ways to Craft with Doily Stencils ...

Crafting with doily stencils is one of the easiest ways to create something sweet and stylish. Whether you're planning to create something cute for the home or you want to give an old item of clothing a new look, crafting with doily stencils will help. Armed with paint or a Sharpie, you will be able to tackle crafts that are delightfully whimsical. Enjoy!

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Notebook Covers

Notebook Covers Crafting with doily stencils is a fantastic way to give plain store-bought notebooks a cute makeover. To make this, you will need paper doilies, acrylic paint, and a stencil brush. Tape the doilies onto your notebook cover and then stencil by stippling the brush into the cutout sections of the doilies. Remove stencil and let dry.


Vintage Bag

Vintage Bag Using a paper doily stencil, you will be able to give a vintage tote bag a much cuter style. For this project, you will need to glue the doily to the bag first. You then fill in the cutout parts, let dry, and then remove the doily after .



Stool How lovely! This stool has three things I like: turquoise, stripes, and a doily pattern. The doily stencil was used here as a paint resist. For a much simpler method (without the stripes), you can basically adhere the doily to your wooden stool and paint away.


Canvas Totes

Canvas Totes The idea behind this doily stencil DIY is similar to the vintage bag one, but you will be adding an initial or letter design for this particular project. You will place the doily near the side of the tote, dab paint on the cutout parts, and then remove. In the center of the doily pattern, stencil a letter.


Table Cover

Table Cover For this project, large paper doilies will serve you wonderfully. You will basically be using the doily stencil to decorate craft paper and come up with a fancy table cover. Design variation: instead of one huge doily stencil, use small ones and pepper the craft paper with the pattern.


Painted Tee

Painted Tee Bored of your favorite plain tee? Give it a sweet touch by adding a doily stencil design. If you're using acrylic paint, you will need a fabric painting medium to make your doily design permanent. As for the overall look, you have all the creative freedom. You can use doilies of different sizes, paint of different colors, or even scatter the doily design all over your plain shirt.



Stationery This is probably the most straightforward way to craft with doily stencils. Take plain paper or card stock, add a paper doily on top, and draw on the cutout parts using a Sharpie in a color that you like. Congratulations, you just made stationery! Use this to write notes, transform to greeting cards, or display as wall art.


Stencil Easter Eggs

Stencil Easter Eggs How delicate are these doily Easter eggs? To design eggs this way, you will cut doily parts and use these as stencil. You must doily stencil your eggs by section so that you can secure the paper with your fingers nicely as you paint.


Cake Topper

Cake Topper Okay, this isn't exactly a craft project but it's so awesome I had to include it here. To make this sweet cake topper, you will use paper doily with a monogram cut out from the center. Place on top of a cake and sift powdered sugar on top. Remove doily carefully.

Aren't these doily stencil projects fun? Hope you find inspiration from this list of easy DIY crafts!

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