8 Fun Ways to Recycle and Craft with Wine Bottles ...


8 Fun Ways to Recycle and Craft with Wine Bottles ...
8 Fun Ways to Recycle and Craft with Wine Bottles ...

Apart from re-purposing, there are many ways that you can craft with wine bottles. I am talking about the myriad ways that you can decorate or make plain wine bottles look prettier. From painting to embellishing, you can turn a simple glass container into chic and unique home accents. Let's get recyclin' and craftin' using these lovely ways to craft with wine bottles!

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Chalkboard One way to craft with wine bottles is to paint them with chalkboard paint. Sounds simple and uninspired? Well, just think of the many ways that you can design a chalkboard wine bottle. You can draw on it, write messages, and customize it to your heart's content. Fun, right?



Yarn-Wrapped This is one of the more popular methods for decorating or crafting with wine bottles. To make this, you will simply be wrapping the bottle with yarn (or twine) starting from the top and gluing as you go along. Some variations of this idea include using different colored yarn or embellishing the yarn after gluing it to the bottle. These would look great as centerpieces in a rustic style wedding.



Painted Here we have another easy wine bottle craft project. This is so simple, you will end up making a large batch. To make these, you clean the bottles thoroughly. You then thin paint with very little water, put the mixture inside the bottles, and then swirl until the interiors of the bottles are completely covered with paint. Easy!


Glitter Wrap

Glitter Wrap How pretty! This is wonderfully simple to do, too. You clean your bottles, cut glittery paper, and then wrap the paper around the bottles. Done and done. Other ways to go about this include using washi tape instead of paper or using scrapbook paper with fun prints.


Ombre Frosted

Ombre Frosted This looks like pretty sea glass, doesn't it? To achieve this look, you will be needing rubbing alcohol, a piece of lint-free fabric, frosted glass paint (in turquoise and white), and a cosmetic sponge. The general idea is to paint the bottom of the bottle with turquoise frosted paint, mixing with white along the middle, and finally finishing off the top with the white frosted glass paint. The effect is a lovely gradient look.


Spiral Silver

Spiral Silver These look lovely and will be perfect for a holiday mantel. The materials that you will need for this project include silver spray paint, painter's tape, and bottles. Before painting, you will need to clean the bottles. Let them dry. Adhere painter's tape in a spiral manner, spray paint, and peel off the tape.


Book Page

Book Page Gorgeous! This method may be my favorite among these fun DIYs. To make this, you will spray paint the bottles first. Any color you like will do. You will then cut book or magazine pages in fun shapes and Mod Podge them to the bottles. That's it, basically. I love this because you can go quite creative with your book page shapes and color combinations.


Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt Epsom salt is truly a wonderful supply to work with, especially when it comes to handmade home décor. For this particular idea, you will be able to create a snow-themed centerpiece using Epsom salt. The basic steps include spray painting the bottles, spraying them with glue, and then rolling them in Epsom salt. Seal with spray sealer, let dry, and that's it.

I'm sure you can think of more fabulous ways to craft with wine bottles. Go on, share your ideas with us. We'd love to hear them!

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I drill holes in mine and put Christmas lights in them. Beautiful kitchen decor!

I did it with 1..satin ribbons instead of yard to give it a peppy look ... Also tried pasting multi coloured beads ...

Love these ideas!

So beautiful but harder than they look

So pretty!

Creative! My mom has these bottles in our living room and there awesome

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