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9 DIY Rubber Stamps to Get You Started on a New Craft ...

By Meream

If you're looking for a new crafty skill, we suggest that you look into making DIY rubber stamps. I can personally attest to the wonderful feeling of making your own eraser stamps. I have been making a stamp a day for a little over three months now and it's just been incredible. I am self-taught so I say there is no reason for you not to learn this craft quickly. As guide, I give you the following DIY ideas:

1 The Basics

The BasicsThis is a fabulous post that will ease you along your DIY rubber stamp adventure. From the types of blades to carving pressure, you will learn a lot from this amazing tutorial. And if you want to carve only cutesy prints, the house and flower design should be a great start.

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2 Itty-Bitty Christmas

Itty-Bitty ChristmasHow cute! This DIY, as you can see, shows you another way to go about making your own small rubber stamps. The finished stamps shown here have outlines, instead of simple silhouettes. With your blade inclined just right, you will be able to “draw” stamps easily.

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3 Pencil Eraser

Pencil EraserHere is another tiny rubber stamp DIY idea. Instead of eraser blocks, you will be carving the small eraser section of a pencil. Clever, right? This is particular fun for embellishing notes or if you're in the mood to make a pattern.

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4 Photo Design

Photo DesignLove photography and thinking of dipping your toes into DIY rubber stamps? There is a way for you to use your pictures for stamp designs. Using Photoshop, transform your photo into a stencil-like image. Use this stencil to design your stamp, carve, and you're golden.

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5 Stamp Makeover

Stamp MakeoverWhat happens if you're not so happy with your stamp? There is no need to discard it. You can still use it to make other things, such as artsy cards. With a bit of help from colored pens or pencils, no one will know that your base stamp isn't that lovely.

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6 Wood Grain

Wood GrainA wood grain rubber stamp is actually an easy carving project for a beginner. With such a seemingly complex design, you would think that it's hard to do, right? But you will simply be carving the wood grains using a slim carving tool and that's it. It's okay to make mistakes; wood grain doesn't really follow a standard pattern.

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7 Wood Mounts

Wood MountsThis particular DIY gives you an idea on how to finish your DIY rubber stamp. Mine still have no backs because I have too many stamps to worry about those details. But a great idea is to use wooden building blocks. Simply superglue your rubber stamp to the wood block, let dry, and that's it.

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8 Foxy Fabric

Foxy FabricSo what do you do with your DIY rubber stamp? You can use them to make handmade cards or embellish plain textile to make items for the home. You can even use your stamp to print on a plain shirt or dress!

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9 On a Roll

On a RollAside from wood blocks, you can also mount stamps on a TP roll or a thick rod. This is a fantastic way to make rubber roller stamps and for printing cute borders.

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Excited to make your own rubber stamps now? I hope you try this craft adventure. You will have loads of fun, I promise.

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