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9 Miniature Faerie Crafts That Are Utterly Magical ...

By Meream

I love all types of DIY miniature faerie crafts. I guess this is only natural since I make miniature dollhouses but really, the addition of moss, flowers, and garden elements make a miniature faerie project incredibly magical. If you have time or if you're in the mood to tackle tiny things soon, I suggest that you give these fantastic miniature faerie crafts a go.

1 Well

Well Oh gosh, look at how cute this miniature faerie craft project is! It looks a bit complicated but really, it's an easy idea. Basically, you make the well base using clay, add pebble sides, and construct a hut using twigs. Hot glue is your best friend for this project

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2 Tiny Door

Tiny Door Doesn't this make you think of The Borrowers? If you want to help these tiny creatures, you can construct this cute door in a discreet hallway in your home. The door used here is for a miniature dollhouse. Of course, you can also make your own. The tutorial after this should be helpful if you want to DIY a tiny door.

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3 Polymer Clay Door

Polymer Clay Door This gorgeous miniature faerie door is made of polymer clay. To make your own, you will also need pigment powder, wax paper, texture plates, clay carving tools, and a rolling pin. If you don't have texture plates, you can carve your own design on the door, too.

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4 Faerie Birdhouse

Faerie Birdhouse Of course, a miniature faerie garden should have a birdhouse. And you know what? You can make one using egg carton! I'd make these today but our eggs here come in plastic containers. While I search for the carton type, check out this fabulously fun tutorial.

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5 Swing

Swing This DIY miniature faerie swing is delightful. It looks fun to do, too. You will simply need sticks, hot glue, black paint, a small piece of wood, and materials for making jewelry. You will need pliers, too.

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6 Spiral Stairs

Spiral Stairs So your faeries live in a Victorian house. You know what every Victorian house needs? Yep, spiral stairs with wrought iron-like detailing. This beautifully rusty and intricately detailed set is made of cheap fretwork wood fan. Clever, right?

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7 Cork House

Cork House This darling miniature faerie house is made of sliced cork pieces, toilet paper rolls, sturdy paper or card stock, paint, hot glue, and decoration such as moss, tiny branches, and other cute things. If you wish to make a faerie, too, you will need only wooden beads, felt, and pipe cleaners.

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8 Upholstery Tack Mushrooms

Upholstery Tack Mushrooms Can you believe that these tiny cuties used to be upholstery tacks? Using nail polish, white paint, and sealant, you can turn them into these adorable mushrooms for your DIY faerie garden.

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9 Acorn Tea Set

Acorn Tea Set I have just died from the cuteness. If there is anything that makes my heart melt aside from miniatures (and cats), it would have to be teapots. I collect them, you see. If you want to make this, you will need materials that you can find in your garden and of course, hot glue.

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Are these miniature faerie DIYs darling or what? I am incredibly excited to tackle these projects. Hope these inspired you to get creative, too!

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