9 Incredibly Adorable Hot Air Balloon Craft Projects ...


9 Incredibly Adorable Hot Air Balloon Craft Projects ...
9 Incredibly Adorable Hot Air Balloon Craft Projects ...

Hot Air Balloon Craft Projects are always oh-so-cute. Whether you want to add whimsical details to a party or you want to make a gift for a baby, these hot air balloon DIYs got you covered. I am neither planning a party nor do I know a baby who could use a new mobile, but trust me when I say that I am making one of these adorable hot air balloon crafts. I hope you enjoy these!

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Felt Mobile

Felt Mobile How cute! I have been wanting to make a felt mobile for a long time and I think this DIY hot air balloon idea is just the right pattern for me. Not only have I gotten inspiration for the design from this tutorial, I also learned a cool way to make the base of the mobile.



Photobooth Props

Photobooth Props You have to check out the link to see how cute this DIY hot air balloon looks with toddlers as passengers. I swear, you will die of the cuteness. And for those wondering how to make something similar, you will need a laundry basket, a large balloon, heavy yarn or lightweight rope, scissors, and tape.



This DIY hot air balloon project is a fun and creative way to add a special touch to any event. It is perfect for a photobooth prop, and is sure to put a smile on everyone's face. The project requires only a few basic materials, making it an easy and affordable craft.

To make the hot air balloon, you will need a laundry basket, a large balloon, heavy yarn or lightweight rope, scissors, and tape. The laundry basket serves as the basket of the balloon, while the large balloon is used to create the actual balloon shape. The yarn and rope are used to tie the balloon to the basket, and the tape is used to secure the balloon to the basket.

Once the balloon is assembled, it can be decorated with colorful ribbons, streamers, and other decorations. You can also add passengers, such as stuffed animals or dolls, to the basket for an extra special touch.

This hot air balloon craft project is sure to be a hit at any event. It is a great way to add a unique and memorable touch to any occasion. Plus, it is easy and affordable to make, making it an ideal craft project for any budget.



Lantern Those round paper lanterns make for fantastic balloons for hot air balloon crafts. You simply add a basket and ribbon and you'll have one cute nursery decor faster than you can say "fly." Design variation: draw or paint on the lantern before assembling your hot air balloon.



Hot air balloon crafts are a great way to bring a little whimsy and charm to any room. Paper lanterns make the perfect base for a hot air balloon craft project. They are easy to assemble with a basket and ribbon, and you can even draw or paint on the lantern before assembling your hot air balloon. This is a great project for kids of all ages, and can be used as a fun decor piece in any room. After completing this craft, you will have an incredibly adorable hot air balloon craft project that will be sure to add a touch of charm to your home.


Herb Planters

Herb Planters Here is an interesting way to make floating centerpieces for a party. These hot air balloons are hanging planters. They also double as number cards for tables. Clever, right? To make these, you will need bouncing balls, potted herbs, square tin pots , acrylic paint, brush, and twine.



Folded Paper

Folded Paper This one is probably the easiest of these** hot air balloon craft projects**. Make this using pretty paper and you'll have one adorable mobile in no time.




Crocheted If you are quite skillful with crochet needles, you will want to look into these darling hot air balloons. The tutorial after the link will show you how to make the balls and the cute baskets. You can then hang them together to form a mobile or use individually as gifts.




Ornaments How gorgeous! Not only do I love the gold details, I also think the teeny baskets are too adorable for words. And because Christmas ornaments come in many sizes, you can also go non-conventional with your mini hot air balloon. To make this, you will need Christmas balls, mini baskets, paint, glitter paint, chains, and other embellishments you can think of.




Woven These balloons look mighty complicated to make but there is a video tutorial for you to check out, don't worry. I suggest that you make these in pretty patterned paper. They'd look so beautiful hanging from your ceiling.



The woven hot air balloon crafts may appear daunting at first, with their intricate patterns and precise folds. However, with the step-by-step guidance provided in the video tutorial, even a crafting novice can create these stunning decorative items. By selecting various colors and designs of patterned paper, you can personalize your balloons to match your decor or set a theme for an event. Once completed, these balloons can create a whimsical atmosphere, floating delicately from the ceiling and adding a touch of enchantment to any room they adorn.


Treats Centerpiece

Treats Centerpiece Your DIY hot air balloon doesn't have to be floating. You can make one that will play host to candies and other treats for your party. You will need paper, Styrofoam ball, pins and bamboo skewers to make this lovely party centerpiece.


What a fantastic set of craft inspiration! Would you be making something from this list of hot air balloon DIY projects? Tell us your crafty plans!

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Love these! Especially the mobile for my babies nursery. However, I can't access the tutorial. Can you please tell how to access it? Thanks

Love all of these...so cute! xoxo

They are wonderfully and so cute

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