8 Fantastic Felt Ball Craft Projects ...


8 Fantastic Felt Ball Craft Projects ...
8 Fantastic Felt Ball Craft Projects ...

Felt Ball Craft Projects are not only cute, they're also what you need to give your home a jolt of color. The 8 felt ball DIYs we have here will give you a chance to create new items for the home. Some of these are functional while others are purely ornamental. There are also felt ball crafts here that are perfect for adding cute accessories to your wardrobe. Enjoy!

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I have mentioned a way tomake felt ball garlands here but I thought this idea should be included in this new list, too. In case you have not seen the garland post, you can make this felt ball holiday decor simply by threading the multi-colored balls. Use as mantel decor or as a tree ornament come Christmas.




Rug Yes, you can make a rug using felt balls. This project is inspired by an Anthropologie product. Their rugs are no longer available, though, so you might want to go the DIY route instead. Depending on the size of the rug you want to make, you will most likely need thousands of felt balls for this craft project.




Trivet Of course, if a rug is much too complicated or time-consuming for you, making a trivet is one of your best options. For this particular DIY felt ball craft project, the method is very similar to making the garlands. You will, however, have to space or thread the balls very close together.




Wreath Here is another DIY felt ball project that will give you a wonderful holiday decor. I think making this wreath together with the garland will instantly give your holiday decor a fun and colorful theme. To make one, you will need a wreath base (foam or straw), thread, needle, and felted balls.




Craspedia This is probably my favorite from this list of** DIY felt ball crafts**. I love the yellow color of the felt flowers. Of course, it doesn't hurt that they were styled beautifully, too. I think they look well with the bits of blue green in this photo. Anyway, for the how-to, you might want to check out the link.




Necklace Here we have a garland-like craft project but on a shorter scale. Also, instead of thread, you will be using embroidery floss to assemble your necklace. Other tools that you will need are embroidery needles and pliers.




Earrings From making a DIY felt ball necklace, we go to an idea for making earrings. A pair of Queen of Hearts earrings, to be exact. With this particular tutorial, you will learn how to make felted balls first. I love the method for making the stripes. Check out the link for fantastic tips on having fun with felt balls.




Mat This is basically a small version of the rug idea above. This could also be a trivet or a table runner of some sort. I think it can also work as a work of art; it's that pretty!


Which of these DIY felt balls projects will you be making? If you have other fun projects involving these cute felted balls, share them with us, please!

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