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DIY jewelry projects are a totally fun way to make use of your free time and explore your hidden talents while doing what most of us girls love the most – stocking up on accessories! Plenty of different techniques to experiment with, too and at least one that lets you start from scratch and just do whatever you feel like doing – Fimo! Don’t know if you’ve tried it before but definitely do in case this fun technique has managed to escape your attention so far. And here are a few awesome Fimo clay tutorials to help you figure out how to make Fimo Jewelry:

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Cute Halloween Bear Pendants

Oh my! I always wanted to celebrate Halloween and now I want it even more! This fun holiday is less than a month away which leaves you plenty of time to find a perfect costume as well as make some totally cute Halloween-themed gifts! Take a peek at this interesting Fimo clay tutorial and get busy making little Halloween bear pendants, bracelets charms or earrings for all of your friends!


Starbucks Charms

Next on my list of DIY jewelry projects you simply have to check out is an awesome tutorial on how to make Fimo jewelry any die-hard Starbucks fan is going to fall head over heels for! I mean, come on, Starbucks cup charms! How can you not want one of those! I want me some earrings, bracelet charms and a necklace!


Chocolate Macaroon Tutorial

Speaking about guilty pleasures, here’s one more I’d prefer on my bracelet instead of my plate! LOL! Aren’t these Fimo tutorials fun? Delicious, cute, adorable macaroons you just can’t eat – now that’s a cool gift all of your girlfriends are going to love! Give it a shot, experiment with colors and do save me a piece once you become a polymer clay macaroon expert!


Chanel Bag Fimo Charm

Have you ever thought about making your own mini Chanel inspired charm? Well, here’s a great DIY jewelry project to show you how cool these mini Chanel inspiration can look! I know Christmas is still a good few months away but hey… if you have a lot of fashion savvy girlfriends that would love a cute little designer-inspired trinket such as this, you’d better start early!


Leather-Effect Bag Tags or Pendants

Personalized LV Luggage Tags are so last year! Well…not really but hey, being just one of thousands if not millions of women parading the same item really doesn’t leave much room for individuality. These cute, leather-looking bag charms, however, can look anyway you want, plus there are like tons of ways to personalize them with more than just two or three letters! There’s no need to give up your designer goodies if you don’t want to, of course, as this Fimo clay tutorial can be used to make anything from pendants to key fobs!


Peas in a Pod Chain

No more sweets ladies! I never thought I’ll actually say this but these DIY jewelry projects are making me hungry! Why don’t we try something healthy for a change? Healthy and adorable, actually! These cute peas could have been done a bit neater, of course, but the idea is just great and so worth giving a try! What do you think? Will you be making macaroons and doughnuts or you prefer your veggies?


Love Stinks Clay Poop and Toilet Set

Brilliant and totally epic! Now, I’ve noticed some YouTubers find a Fimo version of a poop offensive but I’ve tried and tried, ended up getting all squinty-eyed like the poop in question and I still fail to see anything but the humorous side of it! Probably not the best one to help you get some ideas on how to make Fimo jewelry because…well…let’s face it - feces (even squinty-eyed ones) aren’t something people would choose to wear on their ears or necks! It is a great present, though, and I’m definitely one of those people who would appreciate a funny gift such as this one! Seriously!


Polymer Clay Bracelet

Last on my list of interesting DIY jewelry projects you can find on YouTube stands to prove that Fimo clay is more than just something for playing around and making edible-looking stuff! Talented, skilled folks all around the world use it to create really amazing pieces of jewelry! Take a peek, find out more about this interesting technique and who knows… you might fall madly in love with it and we might watch your videos pretty soon!

Whoa! These Fimo clay tutorials really are awesome! Bet you had no idea Fimo can be used in so many different and creative ways! Or maybe you did? Well, you might want to suggest a few of your favorite DIY jewelry projects in that case. I’m all ears!

Top Image Source: beadingdaily.com

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