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If you're looking for a fun way to display some items in your home, we give you these DIY cloche jars. These are also knows as bell jars and are used to display all sorts of items, from miniature scenes to jewelry to shoes to small pots of plants. You can use these** DIY cloche jars **to make your mantel, coffee table, or dining table lovelier. They'll make for great gifts, too!

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Wire A** DIY cloche jar** doesn't necessarily have to be made of glass. In fact, a cloche made of wire will look just as interesting. To make your own, you will need a wire wastebasket, a metal finial, and a base. Simply glue the filial to the bottom of the wastebasket, spray paint everything if you desire, and place on top of a cake stand or a wooden base.



Flat Marbles

Flat Marbles These pretty DIY cloche jars are made of votives and flat marbles. What Carolyn did was turn the votive holders upside down and then glue the glass marbles to the bottom. Instant bell jars for displaying knick knacks!



Mini Display Domes

Mini Display Domes If what you're planning to display are small items, you can create cloche jars that are on the smaller side, too. The materials you need for this craft project are stemless wineglasses or small jars and metal finials. If you could use finials with cute designs, your** DIY cloche jar** will look all the more interesting.




Knob Aside from finials or marbles, you can also use drawer pulls or knobs for making your very own bell jar. This is an easy project that will not take you more than a few minutes. You simply glue the knobs to the bottoms of your votive or glass and display on top of a coaster.




Rope Beyond simple gluing of knobs or finials to bottoms of glasses, another way to make a DIY cloche jar is to use ropes. With this particular craft project, you will need to drill on the glasses. Head on over to Shari's blog for tips on how to make holes on the bottom of glassware.



Log Base

Log Base When you make a DIY cloche jar, you have to keep in mind that the base is just as important as the knob or handle on top. You can use coasters or cake stands for your base or you can also create one using a log. Other materials needed for this project are wood burning tool, saw, pencil, and stemless wineglasses.



Wire and Crochet

Wire and Crochet Most cloche jars look simple because their job is to highlight the items they are covering. Sometimes, though, you may feel like giving the bell jar itself the decorations it deserves. This idea with crocheted and spiral wire details might inspire you.




Wire Here is another non-glass DIY cloche jar idea for your crafting pleasure. The materials needed for this project are re-bar wire, wire cutters, needle nose pliers, and masking tape. Check out the link for the complete how-to.


Aren't these DIY bell jars fun? If you can think of other fun ways to make DIY cloche jars, let us know via the comments section below.

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