10 Beautiful DIY Halloween Lanterns and Luminaries ...

Illumination plays a big role in creating that spooky atmosphere in your home come Halloween so we give you here lots of crafty options for making DIY Lanterns and Luminaries. Just like most of the DIY lists I come up with, these craft projects are fun and easy to do. In fact, I bet you can make some of these DIY Halloween lanterns and luminaries using items that you already have in your home. Enjoy!

1. Web-like Decoupage

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Isn't this classy? This looks like a ceramic luminary but it's actually just a candle holder covered with card stock in web-like patterns. To make this, you cut random abstract shapes over a sheet of black card stock, apply decoupage to the back, adhere to the candle holder, and then apply another coat of decoupage. Let dry and enjoy.


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