10 Beautiful DIY Halloween Lanterns and Luminaries ...


10 Beautiful DIY Halloween Lanterns and Luminaries ...
10 Beautiful DIY Halloween Lanterns and Luminaries ...

Illumination plays a big role in creating that spooky atmosphere in your home come Halloween so we give you here lots of crafty options for making DIY Lanterns and Luminaries. Just like most of the DIY lists I come up with, these craft projects are fun and easy to do. In fact, I bet you can make some of these DIY Halloween lanterns and luminaries using items that you already have in your home. Enjoy!

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Web-like Decoupage

Web-like Decoupage Isn't this classy? This looks like a ceramic luminary but it's actually just a candle holder covered with card stock in web-like patterns. To make this, you cut random abstract shapes over a sheet of black card stock, apply decoupage to the back, adhere to the candle holder, and then apply another coat of decoupage. Let dry and enjoy.



Glam Goth

Glam Goth Look at these fun feathered** DIY Halloween luminaries**! These are the perfect decor if you're planning a party with a glam Goth theme. Aside from feathers, you will also need black lace and other sparkly embellishments.



Tap Light Ghosts

Tap Light Ghosts The link below leads to a video tutorial on how to make these spooky and fun lanterns. You will need interfacing, fabric, hot glue, candle holders, and battery-operated candles to make these adorable Halloween decor. Check out the video for the complete how-to.



Mason Jars

Mason Jars Mason jars are awesome. There is no other way to put it. In fact, you can use them in so many ways for creating DIY Halloween luminaries. The ones in the picture can be displayed atop a flat surface but it is very easy to transform them into hanging lanterns with the use of wire.



Paper Bags

Paper Bags You can make these DIY Halloween luminaries using grocery store bags. Print ENTER IF YOU DARE words on black vinyl, stick to the bags, and add stained details using antique gel. Display with battery-operated candles inside each bag.



Trick or Treat Tin Cans

Trick or Treat Tin Cans Here we have another fantastic exercise on recycling. You will need unused cans, marker, hammer and large nail, paint, and candles to make these DIY Halloween luminaries. There is a proper trick to piercing the cans safely so you might want to check out Jolly Mom's DIY.



Pottery Barn-Inspired

Pottery Barn-Inspired These are very easy DIYs that you can do in less than half an hour. To make these, you print silhouette Halloween scenes and tape the print-out around empty food jars (e.g. peanut butter, jelly) or candle holders. Use battery-operated candles for illumination.




Eek The method used for making these DIY Halloween luminaries is similar to the previous tutorial. I had to include it here, though, because I like the idea of using words. Design variation: print BOO or TRICK / TREAT.



Pattern Paper

Pattern Paper I am in love with this DIY Halloween lantern. I love it despite the fact that I find spiders icky. The DIY is fantastic and the final result is incredibly classy. Another wonderful thing about it is that you can use the method to create lanterns for other holidays.



Glittery House

Glittery House I saved the best for last. This DIY Halloween luminary is brought to us by Cathe Holden, graphic designer and crafter extraordinaire. Cathe shares a template for these miniature haunted house lanterns so check out her how-to below.


If you have other fun and fabulous ideas for making** DIY Halloween lanterns and luminaries**, we'd love to check them out. Please share via comments below.

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