12 Fabulously Creative DIY Halloween Wreaths ...


12 Fabulously Creative DIY Halloween Wreaths ...
12 Fabulously Creative DIY Halloween Wreaths ...

Now that September is about to end, we thought it would be fitting to start our lists on Halloween crafts. To start, we give you these amazingly crafty DIY Halloween Wreaths. They are the perfect craft projects for giving your home that spooky vibe without going all Haunted Mansion. Not that there's anything wrong with those kinds of Halloween decor but if you're pressed for time and you want something sweet and simple, these DIY Halloween wreaths have got you covered.

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Lace Can you believe that the lace parts of this DIY Halloween wreath used to be a jacket? Awesome, right? Don't worry if you don't have an old lacy piece of clothing for this project; that's what the thrift store is for.



Striped Straws

Striped Straws A sunburst-inspired DIY Halloween wreath? Genius. To make this, you will need striped straws, foam wreath form, fabric, ribbon, hot glue, and tulle. You will also need various paper materials for making the BOO banner.




Snake This Halloween decor is simple to make but creates a huge impact. Basically, you glue plastic snakes around or on top of a grapevine wreath, spray paint in black (or any other color you like), and hang.




Batty How cute! Not only is this simple to make, it sports the trendy chevron pattern, too. Definitely a perfect craft project for those who like their seasonal decor chic and adorable.




Skeleton How fabulously ghoulish! This DIY Halloween wreath idea is verging on the Haunted Mansion territory, yes, but there is a way to make it look chic and classy. How about spray painting everything gold?



Ceiling Medallion

Ceiling Medallion This is probably my favorite from this list of DIY Halloween wreaths. Why? Because it's clever and beautiful. Who would have thought that you can make a holiday-perfect wreath out of a ceiling medallion? The best part: you can make it in under 5 minutes!




Ribbon Here is another Halloween decor idea that you can do in less than half an hour. What you do is tie 16-inch ribbons around a wreath base until you cover the whole form. Hang and enjoy.




Yarn How adorable is this wreath? To make this, you will need to wrap yarn around a wreath base and then embellish with bats. Easy! Time-consuming but definitely easy.



Floral Crow

Floral Crow Another personal favorite from these DIY Halloween wreath ideas. Not only do I love the chic floral fabric, I also love the silk flowers and of course, the cute crow. This wreath is one classy and chic decor that you can make for your home.




Tulle Using black tulle, you can make a uniquely handmade Halloween door or mantel decor easily. The base used here was an embroidery hoop but you can always use a foam wreath form or even cardboard.



Crepe Crow

Crepe Crow Here is another** DIY Halloween wreath** of Edgar Allan Poe sensibilities. I love that the crepe "feathers" around the wreath look like they're made of crow feathers. The bow is darling, too.



Silk Flowers

Silk Flowers Take faux silk flowers, glue them around the wreath form, spray paint in black, and add ribbon for hanging. Simple but fun!


I bet you have more ideas for making DIY Halloween wreaths. Share them with us!

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