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We have already covered masks but our journey into Halloween crafts is far from over. Today, we check out DIY Halloween Headpieces. If you're not planning on covering your face this Halloween but still want something to wear from the neck above, these DIY headpieces are exactly what you need. Just like ourmask and crown lists, there is something from these DIY Halloween headpieces for all types of costumes and for revelers of all ages.

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Feathers Using colorful ribbon, flowers, and feathers, you can make a DIY Halloween headpiece for a native American or perhaps a Boho princess costume. Don't you just love the colors of the ribbons used here? My favorite is the glittery one.




Skyline How cute! As you can see, this is a great Halloween headpiece idea for the family. The basic material used for these headpieces is only corrugated cardboard. You cut it following the top of a building you aim to copy, paint the details, and add elastic for tying around your head.




Toadstool This headpiece idea for Halloween is all sorts of adorable, too. The model here may be a little girl but there is a way to make this perfect for an adult's head. The solution? Use your own hat as base!




Zipped I don't know what sort of costume you can wear with this particular headpiece but it's just too creative and crafty for me not to include here.




Bat I love this! To make this, you will need black paper, craft wire, glue, and a thin headband. You simply cut paper bat shapes, glue them to the craft wire, and wrap the other end of the wire to the headband. Add as many floating bats as you like.



This DIY Halloween headpiece is a great way to add a spooky touch to any costume. The black paper bats are easy to make and attach to the headband. You can make as many bats as you like for a dramatic effect. You can also customize the bats with different colors or sizes for a one-of-a-kind look. This headpiece is perfect for anyone looking to add a unique and creative element to their Halloween costume. It is also a great option for kids who want to make their own costume accessories. With a few simple supplies, you can have a fun and festive headpiece in no time.


Furry Ears

Furry Ears This is my favorite from this list of DIY Halloween headpieces. Why? Because they're cute, easy to make, and I also happen to have all the materials needed to make a pair or two right after I hit publish.



Bunny Ears

Bunny Ears These bunny ears will probably remind you of the ones worn by fashionistas a few years ago. This pair was inspired by those worn by celebrities, as a matter of fact. Now they're no longer trendy but the spirit of Halloween doesn't care about trends so don't stop yourself from sporting these lacy ears.




Medusa I am not a fan of snakes but I think this headpiece is wonderfully done. The materials you need to recreate this Medusa look are hair extensions, bobby pins, and plastic snakes. If the snakes don't behave, you can always "sew" them to the braided extensions.




Rapunzel Crystal made this yarn hair for her little girl before they watched Tangled. To borrow this idea for Halloween, you will need yarn; lots and lots of yarn. You will also need an old pair of rights and some plastic flowers for embellishing your finished 'do.




Rose This is oh-so-adorable as well. Not only will this be useful for Halloween, I bet you can also customize it for a school play.



Bat II

Bat II This** DIY Halloween headpiece** idea is also pretty much a bat headband but instead of floating bats, this design comes with a bow-like bat embellishment. I love the fang details.



Animal Hats

Animal Hats This last tutorial shows you a way to make five types of headpieces. Check out the pattern after the link to see which size to download and print for your costume.


Hope you enjoyed this list of DIY Halloween headpieces! What will you be making from this set?

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