10 Brilliant DIY Bat Halloween Crafts ...

By Meream

10 Brilliant DIY Bat Halloween Crafts ...

We continue our fun-tober extravaganza with these DIY Bat Halloween Crafts. We have here craft projects that are a perfect mix of adorable and creepy. From simple bat Halloween DIYs to some that are a little bit complicated, these craft projects are sure to tickle your creepy crafting fancy. Enjoy!

1 Invites

Invites Planning a party? If you have a bat theme, Mandy is here to take care of your invitations. I love this DIY bat Halloween idea because the wings close in on the body. So cute!


2 Applique

Applique I find this DIY bat Halloween decor idea incredibly cute, too. I love the fact these applique bats look like they're attacking the pristine white pillow. According to HGTV, this pillow "requires basic sewing skills." Perfect!


As we bid adieu to the season of radiance, let's add a touch of excitement to our women-only get-together! Challenge your gal pals with some classic carnival games. DIY projects perfectly suited for a cheerful girly party, making it a day of incredible fun and laughter.

3 Treat Bucket

Treat Bucket Here is a bat-inspired craft project for your little one. A treat bucket like this will surely add an undeniably cute element to your kid's Halloween get-up. These bat buckets would also make for displaying treats at your party easier.


4 Garland

Garland How cool! This is my favorite from this list of Halloween bat-inspired crafts. To make this, you will need card stock, printer, scissors, hole punch, and wire. You print the bat silhouettes, connect them using wire, and hang!


5 Mobile

Mobile What's a Halloween decor list without mentioning a bat mobile? No, not THAT bat mobile. To make one, you will be needing a branch or twig spray painted in black and paper bats. Check out the link for the perfect way to hang this Halloween mobile.


6 Wall Art

Wall Art One simple way to decorate with something bat-inspired this Halloween is to make wall art. The idea after the link is brought to us by the ladies of eighteen25. What they did was stencil a canvas with a Martha Stewart stencil and paint a bat silhouette over the pattern. Easy!


7 Doormat

Doormat A great way to welcome guests to your home this month! To make this, you will need an outdoor rug, a stencil of a bat, scissors, masking tape, and spray paint. You simply tape the stencil to the rug and spray paint. That's it.


8 Wreath

Wreath I have made of list of Halloween wreaths here but this bat idea simply has to be mentioned here on All Women Stalk. Why? Because it's fantastically creative! Now I know what to do with the plastic bats I always see at the toy store.


9 Napkin Rings

Napkin Rings Here we have another bat-themed Halloween idea for that party you're planning. This is a fairly simple craft project that will require only tracing paper, pencil, black construction paper, and scissors. Check out the link for the tutorial.


10 Bat-O-Lantern

Bat-O-Lantern Look at these adorable pumpkins! To make these, you will spray paint the pumpkins black and adhere the bat parts to the pumpkin using glue or toothpicks. The tutorial after the link has downloadable bat patterns for your crafting pleasure.


I hope you haven't gone batty over these DIY bat Halloween crafts! Which of these will you be making?

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