11 More Beautiful DIY Table Runners to Make ...


11 More Beautiful DIY Table Runners to Make ...
11 More Beautiful DIY Table Runners to Make ...

Continuing our table decor craft ideas, I give you here our 2nd set of DIY Table Runners to make. These handmade table runners will be perfect for making your dining area look pretty for the coming holidays. While some of these are holiday or occasion-specific, there are also a few DIY table runners here that you can make for any time of the year. Enjoy!

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Hanky This pretty table runner is made of old handkerchiefs. Adorable, right? The best material for this type of DIY project are handkerchiefs that you can find at flea markets or thrift shops; they have beautiful vintage patterns.



Bias Tape

Bias Tape Unlike the sewing project from the previous DIY, this particular handmade table runner will take a lot longer to make. It's not very hard to make, though, so have no fear. As long as you have pretty fabric and equally pretty double fold bias tape, your table runner will turn out fab.



Rainbow Felt

Rainbow Felt How fun! This** DIY table runner** is sure to be perfect for a kiddie party. Aside from the colorful felt, you will need Heat & Bond adhesive sheets, sewing machine, scissors, chalk marker, and ruler to make this fun table decor.



Quilted Carrot

Quilted Carrot This particular table runner is perfect for an Easter celebration. Of course, if you and your family love carrots, there is no one stopping you from using this table runner all year.



Painted Stripes

Painted Stripes Here is an easy way to make a pretty table runner. Get a pre-made canvas table runner, tape painter's tape, and paint stripes. Let dry and you're done.




Pinwheel Yes, that is a table runner. While this type of table runner will not give you a lot of space for food, it will make your table extra photogenic.




Scarf This idea is pretty much similar to the handkerchief DIY table runner I've mentioned here. However, for this particular craft project, you will be using scarves. Fun, right?



Crop Circles

Crop Circles I find this handmade table runner terribly cute. If you have lots of pretty scrap fabric, this is one of the best uses for them. Cut in circles and use them to embellish a pre-made table runner. Easy!




Chalkboard A table runner where your guests can doodle or write messages? Sounds fun! To make this, you will simply paint oilcloth with chalkboard paint. Let dry and it's ready for use.




Quilted How pretty! If you love to quilt and you're looking for a small project to do, this DIY table runner is for you. If you're looking to sew a version perfect for the upcoming holidays, you can let the fabrics do the talking, so to speak.




Photos How creative! You simply print old-timey photos, glue to a fabric table runner, and place on top of a table. The result: a great method for showcasing your family's history or those cute photos of you as a kid.


I hope that this second list of DIY table runners help you in your dinner preparation or home decor adventures! In case you missed it, HERE is our first list of handmade table runners.

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