10 Stunning DIY Fall Garlands ...


10 Stunning DIY Fall Garlands ...
10 Stunning DIY Fall Garlands ...

We continue our fall crafting extravaganza with these DIY Fall Garlands. Also known as banners, these** DIY fall garlands** are what you need for making your windows, fireplace, or china cabinet look more beautiful this season. These handmade fall garlands are so fun and easy to do, your kids can even help you. Enjoy!

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Apple Print

Apple Print Isn't this cute? This is one of the DIY fall garlands listed here that your kids would love to help you make. You can do the cutting of the fabrics and they can help with the apple printing. The result: an adorable autumn decor that you and your family can be proud of.



Candy Corn

Candy Corn This** DIY fall garland** is all sorts of adorable, too. Don't the colors make you smile? Making this garland is quite easy, too. You print the templates on card stock, tape the pieces together, and then sew them using orange thread. Hang near the window and watch your neighbors admire your creativity.



Pine Cone

Pine Cone If the autumn banner that you want to make brings home the beauty that you can find outdoors, using pine cones is a fantastic idea. To make this, you simply tie a string or thread around the top prongs of each cone and continue until you have a garland length that you're happy with.



Felt Balls

Felt Balls How cute! I love the colors of these felt balls. You can buy them from craft stores or even Etsy. To turn them into a festive fall decor, you simply thread embroidery floss through the balls and that's it, really. Check out the link to learn how to make the HAPPY FALL banner, too.



Book Pages

Book Pages I think this** handmade autumn garland** is delightfully whimsical. These are made by book pages, by the way, and is also very easy to do. Design variation: stick to leaves for a much simpler or streamlined look.




Lace How beautiful! This makes me wish that I know how to crochet. If you share my lack of skills, perhaps we can make something similar using store-bought lace. What do you think?



Faux Leaves

Faux Leaves Craft stores usually have a good variety of faux leaves for sale this time of the year. Buy a bunch and recreate them into an outdoor DIY fall garland.



Faux Acorns

Faux Acorns This garland tutorial is also a fun and simple way to give your home a fall-perfect facelift. For this craft project, you will need thin chipboard, wood grain contact paper, and twine. Check out the link for the acorn template.



Felt Ruffles

Felt Ruffles Making a garland using any type of rosette is perhaps one of my favorite craft projects. I cannot wait to make something similar to this felt rosette garland that Regina created.



Tissue Leaves

Tissue Leaves Can you believe that these pretty leaves are just tissue paper? To make this, you will need tissue paper in fun fall colors, twigs, glue, and twine. You trace a leaf template to the tissue paper, cut, and then glue the twigs to make vein detailing. Easy!


I hope you get to create something from this list of** DIY fall garlands**! If you have other fab ideas, let us know.

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