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Fall screams for spooky DIYs, I don’t know what it is. The cool crisp evenings put me in the mood to stay in, brew my favorite cup of tea, and get my DIY on. Halloween DIYs are some of my favorites, because they can be as scary or out of this world as you can dream up. Nothing is out of bounds. Here are my 8 favorite spooky DIYs for fall:

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Bat Garland

This DIY can be used in so many different forms, it's a real treat. You can use these bats as garlands, cupcake toppers, or décor items. It’s really just a base to get you started with some spooky decorating. I love this Halloween DIY and know that I will be making a few for the upcoming holiday.

Tutorial: thesweetestoccasion.com


Halloween Wine Charms

Losing your beverage is the worst, but misplacing your drink during Halloween can be bone chilling. This fabulous DIY for Halloween is so perfect that I’d almost go so far as to say it's classy. Everyone will have a good hold on their drinks this holiday. If not, at least you’ll know who to scare when you spot them holding your stolen apple martini.

Tutorial: echoparkpaperblog.com


Boo Doormat

Everyone knows you're going to have your fair share of visitors on the 31st. Why not greet them in style with this fabulous DIY for Halloween? After all, what could be better than a doormat that does the frightening for you? I love this idea, it actually gives me inspiration to create a doormat for every holiday season.

Tutorial: celebrations.com


Skull Banner

Banners are not only fun to make, they also add so many dimension to holiday décor. These feminine skulls are nothing short of spectacular, with just enough spookiness to make them the perfect addition for the spookiest day of the year. This fabulous Halloween DIY will have you wishing the holiday stuck around for a little longer. Then again, who said a skull banner wasn’t appropriate all year round?

Tutorial: makermama.com


Skeleton T-Shirt

With this being my favorite spooky DIY, you can find me walking around in my own homemade Skeletor tee. However, you won’t catch me putting it away come November. This fabulous Halloween DIY is going to stick around in my wardrobe until next summer.

Tutorial: ilovetocreate.com


Cat O’ Lanterns

Seriously, how cool is this Halloween DIY? After seeing this I’m a wee bit sick and tired of the everyday Jack o’ Lantern, wouldn’t you agree? With so many neat ideas floating around out there thanks to Pinterest, we can get so much more creative than 2 triangle eyes and a zig-zag mouth, can’t we ladies?

Tutorial: sunset.com


Batty Bow Tie

Whether you're a man or a woman, I think this is brilliant. This batty bow tie is a simple yet spooky DIY that anyone can sport. It doesn't matter whether you're a guy or a girl, an adult or a child -- c'm its Halloween already! It's the season where anything goes, right?

Tutorial: iwearthecanvas.blogspot.ca


Cobweb Wreath

I think holiday inspired wreaths are where it's at as far as house fashion goes. I mean, there is nothing cozier than arriving at one's doorstep and being greeted by a lovely wreath, with character. This spooky DIY is super easy and beyond affordable. Loving this cobweb wreath!

Tutorial: craftpond.com

These were 8 of my favorite spooky DIYs for fall; however, I know there are so many more out there. This is just as far as Pinterest would allow me in one afternoon. Tell me, what are some of your favorite Halloween DIYs?

Top Image Source: trinketsinbloom.com

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