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Looking for a way to decorate your home this autumn in a unique way? Look no further because we have here amazingly creative DIY Pumpkin Craft Projects. These** pumpkin DIYs**, take note, are not your usual "carved fruit" projects. We have here a list of creative ways to make pumpkins using materials that are not pumpkins, categorically and botanically speaking. With the help of these DIY pumpkin crafts, your home will no doubt look lovely this season.

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No-Sew Sweater Pumpkin

No-Sew Sweater Pumpkin The part that says "no-sew" has stolen my heart. Don't you just love easy and chic craft projects? To make this DIY pumpkin, you will need an old sweater, scissors, elastics, plastic bags, and ribbon. Check out the link for the complete tutorial.



Wood Pumpkin

Wood Pumpkin Who says all pumpkin crafts have to be round? You can make your version using a block of wood, too! You can go for a pre-cut wood block or use layered 2x4s. Paint orange, add distressed details, and finish with green ribbon.



Altered Book Pumpkin

Altered Book Pumpkin If you have a white theme going on for this season, this particular DIY pumpkin tutorial is for you. To make this, you will have to be okay with altering books. There are many cheap books in thrift stores that I'm sure will be willing to help you with this project.



Slinky Pumpkin

Slinky Pumpkin This my favorite from this list of DIY pumpkins. The best part: this is an easy craft project! You simply form the slinky into a circle, glue the ends together, and then spray paint. Add twigs and leaf details to the center and enjoy.



Magical Pumpkin

Magical Pumpkin This craft project is somewhat similar to the sweater idea posted here. But instead of a piece of clothing, you will use fabric. For embellishing the stem, you can go creative with ideas. Use shells, glittery leaves, wires, faux fruits, and many other cute things.



Illuminated Pumpkin

Illuminated Pumpkin How beautiful! This looks like it can be used as a decor for some classy hotel or something. This is only a clever DIY, though, and you can recreate it in your home.



Card Stock Pumpkin

Card Stock Pumpkin This DIY pumpkin idea is very cute, too. If you happen to have lots of pretty paper, you can use them for making unique fall decor this year. Check out the video tutorial for the step-by-step guide.



Copper Pipe Strapping Pumpkin

Copper Pipe Strapping Pumpkin Who knew you could find materials for a DIY pumpkin at the hardware store? This is a great idea if you're aiming for that industrial look this season.



Lantern Pumpkin

Lantern Pumpkin This is a DIY pumpkin that could not be easier to assemble. Find paper lanterns in orange and then embellish the tops with leaves and twigs. Done!



Grapevine Pumpkin

Grapevine Pumpkin This looks like something straight out of an autumn-themed fairy tale, doesn't it? Working with grapevine could be complicated so you had better check out Make it and Love it for the tutorial.



Pumpkin Pillows

Pumpkin Pillows Martha Stewart suggested making these pillows for a kid's room but they will also make for wonderful fall home decor. Design variation: use fabric with fun prints!



Stacked Wood Pumpkin

Stacked Wood Pumpkin This is very similar to the other 2x4 wood idea mentioned here but I had to include it because it comes with other cute and creative steps, too.


So there you have fun and creative DIY pumpkins. Next time, we'll make a list of ways to decorate faux and/or real pumpkins.

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I love the slinky pumpkin and the stacked pillow pumpkins. Very cute.

The cut up books made me tear a little bit :P

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