10 Cool and Creative DIY Skull Craft Projects ...

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10 Cool and Creative DIY Skull Craft Projects ...

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought it's about time we take look into creepy crafts, such as these DIY Skull Craft projects. These DIY skull ideas will be great for decorating your home or giving your October outfits that touch of horror. Hope you enjoy this list of** DIY skull crafts**!

1 Garland

Garland Who says DIY skull craft projects have to be only creepy? There is a way for you to turn this theme into something cute, such as making skull garlands in rainbow colors. Check out the link for the printable and the way that you can tie the skull prints into a cute window decor.


2 Papier-Mache

Papier-Mache How positively ghoulish! To make these, you will need a store-bought skull. I am talking about the plastic ones, of course. You will need said skull as base for your paper mache. Cover with layers of strips of paper, let dry overnight, cut open, fill with foam and then paint any way you want.


As we bid adieu to the season of radiance, let's add a touch of excitement to our women-only get-together! Challenge your gal pals with some classic carnival games. DIY projects perfectly suited for a cheerful girly party, making it a day of incredible fun and laughter.

3 Doily Cushion

Doily Cushion Turn a lace doily into a skull? Clever! Simply cut your skull design and sew or finish the edges by hand stitching. Attach to a pillow case as a cute cover for a cushion.


4 Balloon Papier-Mache

Balloon Papier-Mache Instead of a store-bought skull, you can use an inflated balloon as a base for a papier-mache Halloween decor. You cover the inflated balloon with layers of white tissue paper, let dry, pop the balloon, and then add a battery-powered tea light candle for the illumination. Cool, right?


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5 Clay Beads

Clay Beads How cute are these little guys? You make them using polymer clay and add skull details before baking. Once they're dry, you can use them as beads for jewelry projects.


6 Plates


From the guy who gave us The Big-Ass Books of Crafts, we have this fun DIY skull craft project. To make these, you will need glass plates, a skull image, stencil fabric, Elmer's Glue, spray adhesive, Krylon Fusion, and clear coat for sealing.


7 Sunnies

Sunnies How cute! Giving your sunnies the skully treatment is easy. You simply hot glue the skull beads or embellishments to the frames of your sunglasses and then call it a day.


8 Candle Pillars

Candle Pillars These look classy but still Halloween-perfect. To make these DIY skull candle holders, you will need wooden candle holders, papier mache skulls, dowels, and paint. Check out the tutorial for the step-by-step assembly.


9 Bracelet

Bracelet Here is a DIY skull project that you can rock all year. To make this bracelet, you will need the following materials: leather cord, waxed thread, gold ball chain, and a skull bead. Braid your bracelet and then use the skull as the lock or fastener.


10 Punched Tin

Punched Tin One way to make a skull-themed home decor is to go for this punched tin idea. Design variation: use this method to make a lamp shade. Instead of a tin sheet, you can punch holes to display a skull shape on dark fabric.


I hope these DIY skulls give you lots of inspiration for Halloween! Got other skull tutorials? Share them with us!

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