8 Amazing Aztec-Inspired Craft Projects ...


8 Amazing Aztec-Inspired Craft Projects ...
8 Amazing Aztec-Inspired Craft Projects ...

The trend may be slowly dying down now but this doesn't mean that you can no longer enjoy Aztec-Inspired DIY projects. I say craft projects should not be limited by trends. I say we do these Aztec print DIYs because they're fun. And you should always take any excuse to do craft projects that involve simple painting techniques.

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Stamped Tee

Stamped Tee This Aztec DIY is brought to us by PS I Made This. Using paint and sponges, Erica shows us how to transform a plain shirt into something cute and pretty. The great thing about this stamping method is that you can use it for other craft projects, such as painting tote bags, making art, and others.



Cap Toes

Cap Toes Giving an old pair of sneakers an Aztec treatment is one of the ways that you can have fun with this trendy pattern. To give your shoes this makeover, you will need Painters by Elmer's and an old pair of sneakers. Paint the caps and let dry. That's it, really.



Phone Case

Phone Case Aztec -inspired craft projects are not limited to items that you can wear. Vanessa of College Life DIY shows us how you can turn a phone case into something colorful and pretty. All you need for this project are permanent markers and of course, a place phone case.




Backpack The link after the jump has a tutorial but it's not in English. However, I think following the steps will not be a problem because it's chock-full of helpful photos. Design variation: apply the steps on a pouch or even a tote bag if you're not a big fan of backpacks.




Shorty You can give a pair of cut-offs an Aztec makeover using paint but photo transfer will work, too. This is a good method to use if you want your shorts to have almost-perfect Aztec patterns. Using photo transfer will also save you a lot of time.



Hobo Bag

Hobo Bag This Aztec DIY is inspired by a Free People product. Their items can be a tad overpriced so going the DIY route is always recommended. To make this hobo style bag, you can opt to sew the bag first or print on a store-bought one. Other things you need are paint and freezer paper.




Stenciled Instead of painting Aztec prints on a shirt, you can stencil them. The tutorial after the link shows you a way using plain paper. However, if that method does not work, you can always use freezer paper. It's my go-to material for simple stenciling projects. You can also use colored paints for your shirt instead of going for a plain sprayed look.



Canvas Slip-Ons

Canvas Slip-Ons One of the fun ways for you to enjoy these Aztec craft projects is to turn your attention to canvas slip-ons. I know this is another shoe makeover but I had to include this pair because they were designed in a different way. Cute right?

So there you have fun and creative Aztec-inspired craft projects. Have you tried doing a DIY with this trendy pattern before? Show us what you made!

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nooo i love this trend! i hope it doesn't die out :)

So awesome!! I really want to do te cap toes and BACKPACK!:D

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