9 Brilliant DIY Bleach Printing Projects ...


9 Brilliant DIY Bleach Printing Projects ...
9 Brilliant DIY Bleach Printing Projects ...

Looking for a way to give plain clothing a cute makeover? These DIY Bleach Printing Projects are here to quench your crafting thirst. Techniques used for bleach printing DIYs are not varied but the following craft projects will show you the many ways that you can have fun with them. I hope that these inspire you to start your DIY bleach printing adventures! Enjoy!

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Stencil Splatter


I think the negative stencil style used for this DIY bleach printing is cool. The great thing about this method is that you can use other frontal designs. How about a cute heart? Or your name? For the splatter details, check out the detailed instructions after the link.

Tutorial (in Dutch)



Patterns If you don't want to go for the random pattern look, you can always go the stripes route. Doing this is fairly simple. You simple "draw" bleach stripes on your tank top or shirt and call it a day. If you make mistakes, you can do what Honor did and make splatter spots.




Written Not only do I love the message of this shirt (we are made of stars), this** DIY bleach printing** technique also sounds like a good painting practice. Jill shares fantastic tips for bleach printing, so you will want to check out the tutorial after the link.



Bleach Dip

Bleach Dip DIY bleach printing doesn't necessarily mean wielding a paintbrush to make your design. This I Spy DIY tutorial will show you that you can use the dip dye technique, too. I think this may be my favorite from this list of how-tos. I do love easy craft projects.



Duct Tape

Duct Tape If you want your striped pattern to be precise, duct tape is your best friend. As you can see from the photo above, the stripes used here have that galactic look. This was achieved by spraying the bleach. Of course, you can also brush the bleach on if you want solid stripes.




Ikat How fab! This is another way to bleach print a trendy pattern on any piece of clothing you have. These shorts look cute with its bleach ikat prints but I think this method will work on a canvas bag or even a plain top.




Galaxy Is this cool or what? Galaxy prints are trendy these days and one of the ways that you can rock this print is by turning to a bottle of bleach. Check out the link for the wonderful how-to.




Tribal This is another trendy take on the** DIY bleach printing** method. What you do is dip bleach a pair of shorts and then draw tribal patterns on them using permanent markers. Clever!



Dipped and Splattered

Dipped and Splattered Just like the first tutorial I posted here, this DIY bleach printing project involves using two techniques: dipping and splattering. The finished look is awesome!


Before you take on these DIY bleach printing projects, it is important that you read the safety precautions written on each tutorial. As one of these creative people shared, "Don't huff bleach fumes for fashion. It's not worth it!"

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