8 Utterly Impressive DIY Projects to Make a Bag ...

A DIY bag can be great fun to make. Not only do you have the satisfaction of using a bag that you´ve made yourself, but you can pick the fabric and make one to match different outfits! It´s fun to make a bag – I´m still using one I made 10 years ago. You can make a drawstring bag, a shopping bag, or an evening bag. There are so many possibilities! So here are some impressive projects to make a bag …

1. Produce Bag

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Tutorial: www.ecouterre.com

The first DIY bag is for carrying your veggies home from the market. This kind of bag is really useful, and more and more of us are catching on to the environmental advantages of using a cloth bag. There´s even a handy photo tutorial to show you how it´s made.

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