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8 Utterly Impressive DIY Projects to Make a Bag ...

By Alison

A DIY bag can be great fun to make. Not only do you have the satisfaction of using a bag that you´ve made yourself, but you can pick the fabric and make one to match different outfits! It´s fun to make a bag – I´m still using one I made 10 years ago. You can make a drawstring bag, a shopping bag, or an evening bag. There are so many possibilities! So here are some impressive projects to make a bag …

1 Produce Bag

Produce Bag Tutorial:

The first DIY bag is for carrying your veggies home from the market. This kind of bag is really useful, and more and more of us are catching on to the environmental advantages of using a cloth bag. There´s even a handy photo tutorial to show you how it´s made.

2 Tote Bag

Tote Bag Tutorial:

A tote bag is always useful for carrying your books, phone, shopping items, and umbrella. This pattern only needs a yard of material, so it will be pretty cheap to make. It won´t take you much time either! It would also be great for a trip to the beach or for using on holiday.

3 Velvet Clutch Bag

Velvet Clutch Bag Tutorial:

If your dressmaking skills are a little more advanced, try this gorgeous clutch bag. It would make an impressive gift, and no-one will believe that it´s handmade! Or if you have an evening function coming up, make one to match your dress.

4 Denim Bag

Denim Bag Source:

It´s great if you can make a bag out of things you already have lying around. For the price of some thread, you get a brand new bag! And if you can make it out of something that you would otherwise have thrown away, even better. Cut up your old jeans and run up this useful saddle bag.

5 Yoga Mat Bag

Yoga Mat Bag Tutorial:

If you´re a yoga aficionado, you´ll no doubt have your own yoga mat. Why carry it to classes in a scruffy plastic carrier bag, when you can make yourself this beautiful yoga mat bag? Use whatever fabric you like, and you´ll have a beautiful unique bag in no time!

6 Yo-Yo Bag

Yo-Yo Bag Tutorial:

From a yoga bag to a yo-yo bag! If you like quirky projects then you´ll love this bag, with its decorative circles. There is quite a bit of work involved, but it would be a great way of using up scraps of fabric if you´re not into patchwork! You could have a lot of fun playing with the colours and patterns.

7 Bagsket

Bagsket Tutorial:

No, it´s not a typo – this bag is called this because it´s a cross between a bag and a basket! If you like an open bag for easy access, this is the project for you. It would be great for strolling around markets and popping your purchases in.

8 Crochet Bag

Crochet Bag Tutorial:

Now, for crochet fans here´s a gorgeous DIY bag that you can make in whichever colours you want! Don´t be daunted if you´d love to try crochet but aren´t familiar with the techniques – they´re easy to pick up. Just look for tutorials, and you´ll be crocheting in no time!

There are so many projects to make a DIY bag that you could have one for every day of the year! We all love bags, and there´s something especially nice about using one that you´ve made yourself. So why not make a bag for yourself, or as a gift? Are you a bag collector, with a closet full of them?

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