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9 Amazing DIY Centerpieces for Thanksgiving ...

By Heather

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and if you're looking for some inexpensive and DIY centerpieces for Thanksgiving, I've got you covered! This wonderful holiday is all about your family and really giving thanks for everything. If you are hosting it this year and are looking to spice up your table with some DIY centerpieces for Thanksgiving that people will comment on for days after, take a look below!

1 Fruit & Flowers

Fruit & FlowersThis Thanksgiving centerpiece is all about flowers and fruit. Do you have favorite fall fruits that never seem to make it into recipes, but that you love to eat during the fall? For me, it's cranberries. I love the taste of them, the smell, everything! I also love flowers – so why not mix them together? Grab your favorite glass container, fill it with water and your favorite fruit (cranberries float so you might have to use a lot of them if that is what you choose!) and stick your favorite flowers in! It's that easy and inexpensive – and it looks great!


2 Painted Bottles & Wheat

Painted Bottles & WheatThis is one of the greatest DIY centerpieces for Thanksgiving out there because you can do it with the kids! Gather up some bottles, take off their labels, paint them up and then stick some dried wheat in there! This project is not only very easy, but it's also a project that can be super fun too!


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3 Pumpkin Vase

Pumpkin VasePumpkins are not only good for carving up, but did you know that a pumpkin can make a great Thanksgiving centerpiece? All you do is take your favorite flowers, get a lot of them, hallow out a pumpkin and fill the it with water. Arrange the flowers inside the pumpkin and you have a Thanksgiving centerpiece that looks amazing!


4 Corn-husk Votive

Corn-husk VotiveI actually think that this DIY centerpiece for Thanksgiving can be great for a family dinner or even a wedding! It looks so professional and you can actually dye the corn-husks any color, so if you have a color scheme you are working within, you'll be able to match it!


5 Pumpkin Candles

Pumpkin CandlesWhile making your own candles might seem a little extreme, this is actually one of my favorite Thanksgiving centerpieces because it is one that you made. It's super eye-catching and totally unique! The tutorial is below and Martha Stewart makes it really easy to make!


6 Shimmery Lined Cornucopia

Shimmery Lined CornucopiaA cornucopia is the staple for any Thanksgiving and this one looks amazing! Not only is it shimmery and pretty, but I really like the colors that are chosen for this one! If you really want to impress all of your friends and family on Thanksgiving, you've got to give this DIY centerpiece for Thanksgiving a try!


7 Leaf-Covered Candles

Leaf-Covered CandlesAnother great Thanksgiving centerpiece that'll really make your table pop is leaf-covered candles! Whether you press the leaves into the wax or you try to make candles that have leaf designs in them, you've got to give this centerpiece for Thanksgiving a try!


8 Corn & Candles

Corn & CandlesThis Thanksgiving centerpiece is actually super easy to make. All you do is just take a bunch of your favorite glass containers, put some dry corn in there, settle in a votive candle or even a tea light candle and line them down your table! It's festive and oh-so-easy!

9 Fall Foliage

Fall FoliageFinally girls, the last Thanksgiving centerpiece that we're going to talk about is just adding some fall foliage! You can pick up some high-quality, fake branches of leaves all over craft stores! Just wrap them around candles or place them down your table runner!

So girls, what DIY centerpiece for Thanksgiving are you going to try this year? Any of the ones that I've listed? These are definitely some of my favorite, but what other DIY centerpieces for Thanksgiving do you have in mind?

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