12 Festive DIY Felt Ornaments ...


12 Festive DIY Felt Ornaments ...
12 Festive DIY Felt Ornaments ...

I'm sure you have already put up your tree but it's not too late to make it more festive using a few DIY felt ornaments. We have here 12 beautiful ways to create handmade felt ornaments. I guess I don't have to tell you that these are bursting with cute. I bet you will find ways and excuses to display these all year.

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Toadstool in an Egg

Toadstool in an Egg How cute! To make this super adorable tree ornament, you will need to form an open egg using wool roving. After you create an egg-shaped felt piece, you can then decorate it any way you want. Adding a tiny toadstool (made of painted drawer wooden knobs) inside is always a winning idea.




Ogee Here is a simple but eye-catching DIY felt ornament that you can make for your tree. The materials that you will need to make this include felt, chalk liner pen, and an Xacto knife. If you're planning to make bigger versions of this ornament, you will want to consider using thicker felt.




Birdie If you think paper bird ornaments are cute, these felt ones are 10x more adorable. For those who like to embroider, you will be able to show off your hand sewing skills via this Christmas craft project.




Owl From felt bird ornaments, we go to owls. Aren't they the cutest? Jessica was gracious enough to provide a downloadable pattern with instructions for these, so head on over to her craft blog.



Dala Horse

Dala Horse Does your family have Swedish ancestry? Do you have friends from Sweden? If you do, you will want to make these lovely DIY felt Dala horse ornaments for them. The process is similar to the bird and owl projects. The result: tree decorations that are just as cute.



Little Santas

Little Santas These little cuties are my favorite. They look like they're up to no good but can still easily win you over with their cuteness.



Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding How about some felt ornaments that will make you drool? Well, sorta. To make these, you will need felt in green, white, brown, and red. For embellishments, you can also use sequins or beads.




Monogram These **DIY felt ornament**s are perfect gifts for a family. I bet these would receive more love than a Christmas card.



Nesting Doll

Nesting Doll Here is a felt ornament to make for those who hail from Russia or who have Russian friends. Or for those who simply love these nesting dolls. If you have felt in many colors, you can have loads of fun making these felt lovelies.




Mistletoe Not a fan of plastic mistletoes sold in stores? You can make a much cuter version using felt! It's very easy, too. Aside from felt, you will be needing only faux pearls, hot glue, and ribbon for this project.



Bell + Tree + Wreath

Bell + Tree + Wreath These are super cute, too. They look lovely in red and white but you can also go for other colors. I'm thinking pink and gold will look great. Black and white, too.




Pomander Don't these look like pomanders? To make these, you will need felt, foam balls, ribbon, and hot glue. Check out the link for the complete how-to.


Hope you will be able to create some cute things from this list of DIY felt ornaments. Happy crafting!

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