9 Festive and Fun DIY Photo Booths ...


9 Festive and Fun DIY Photo Booths ...
9 Festive and Fun DIY Photo Booths ...

If you're planning an NYE party, you need to have a DIY Photo Booth. Yes, it has to be DIY. Now don't worry if you have no idea where to start about making a** DIY photo booth**, we have here 9 fun ideas. Some of these DIY photo booth ideas include making the backdrop. Others, however, are for making the fun and cute props. Let's get crafting!

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Holiday The first DIY photo booth idea we have here is sure to be perfect for your NYE party. To make this adorable scene, you will need tiny Christmas trees, gray and green blankets, white rugs, tissue paper, scissors, and fishing line. My favorite bits are the clouds. So fun!




Owl These are the cutest! Owls are always popular. And if you want your NYE party to be a big hit, you will want to consider making these photo booth props. Check out the link to see where you can download the owl masks.



Yellow Bench

Yellow Bench How lovely is this** DIY photo booth**? While this idea is for a kiddie party, you can use it as inspiration for your party photo booth. Using a bench is always fun, especially if your guests want to take group photos.



Foam Core


These are absolutely delightful. You create these out of foam core, making them quite durable for many parties to come. Oh Happy Day has a template that you can download and print. I love the bunny ears!




Glittery The tutorial below will show you how to make a glittery crown that will be very useful as a photo booth accessory. You can use the same method to turn the templates from the previous tutorial into fabulous glittered props. Perfect for a New Year's Eve party.



Kraft-y Backdrop

Kraft-y Backdrop If you're tight of budget, this DIY photo booth idea is for you. To make this, you will need Kraft paper, paint, sponge brush, card stock, and black Sharpie. You will use the card stock and paint to stencil the cute red bunting onto the Kraft paper. You can stencil other designs, of course.




Framed The finished DIY photo booth for this tutorial is the one I uploaded as top photo. Gorgeous, yes? Not only is this a fantastic NYE party idea, it will also be handy for those who are planning a wedding. You can add more frames to the backdrop if you like.




Boho This particular DIY photo booth is perfect for a Bohemian party. You will need lots of twine and strings to make this fun party decor. If you used leafy garlands for decorating your home for Christmas, you can give them one last function by using them for this photo booth.




Clay Can't find foam core for making photo booth props? You can use polymer clay! Definitely a good idea for those who host parties a lot and could use semi-durable accessories.


Feeling less stressed about your NYE party now? I hope we were able to help via this list of DIY photo booth ideas.

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