Top 10 DIY Earrings ...


Top 10 DIY Earrings ...
Top 10 DIY Earrings ...

Store-bought earrings are cool and in-style, but DIY earrings offer a bit of personalized style and they are an expression of creativity. These delightful homemade earrings are a mix of trendy and artistic, with a hint of exclusivity. If you take the time to create the earrings from readily-found materials, you feel all the more fantastic when you wear them – you will have bragging rights. The variety of DIY projects gives you loads of ideas to create a unique look for your next party. To help you decide on the best craft earrings for your free time, I have compiled a list of the Top 10 DIY earrings.

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Swarovski Bow Crystal Earrings

These DIY earrings are classy and attractive. Create these earrings to wear at a casual or glamorous event. Buy the materials at a store, follow the simple directions and voila - you have a beautiful pair of earrings to add some dazzle to your outfit. They are surprisingly easy to make yet the earrings are quite expensive looking.


Dolce & Gabbana Pasta Earrings

Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring 2012 Collection was a tribute to good Italian food, particularly the pasta accessories looked "delicious." Found on Honestly...WTF, a fantastic spot for DIY enthusiasts, was a great way to replicate the most striking earring design from the collection. All the materials can be purchased at a craft and bead store, though the process of careful assembly is a little daunting- it’s so worth it. To own such a kitschy pair of earrings, full of whimsical charm, straight from the runway is every Fashionista’s dream.



Hoop Earrings

Working with wire and beads is fun, and this tutorial shows a new way to create amazing earrings from pretty sea-coloured baubles. The title is called "Ocean filled with pearls," and it is apt for the homemade earrings which invoke such imagery. You can select any other colour of baubles you want that glitters playfully to be manipulated into a pair of earrings. Unlike other earring tutorials using beads, an artist’s eye is required to arrange the beads into an interesting pattern.



Chandelier Earrings

It is fascinating how the small pieces are structured into an elaborate pair of earrings. According to the tutorial you can choose any mix of beads from white/blue to green/yellow to craft exquisite earrings in the chandelier style. It does seem a little intimidating given the difficulty in connecting the small pieces together, especially if you’re not used to it. I advise you to stick with it as the earrings are very stylish and can spruce up any outfit.


Dream Catcher Earrings

The earrings have all the trimmings to radiate true bohemian chic, and any number of the multitude of colours, beads, thread and feathers can be assembled into trendy pieces to complement any outfit. Your bohemian attire may include a maxi dress, a colourful skirt or even leather shorts, so you can create tasteful dream catcher earrings to go with any look. Also, if you like meaning and symbolism in your jewelry, the origin of the earrings’ design has a rich history.



Flower Earrings

A creative fashionista saw a funky pair of earrings in the popular site, Anthropologie. Rather than spending money, she decided to create her very own look for less with canvas fabric, small beads and a few tools. These earrings have a distinctly feminine charm, and will distinguish your style from the boring plastic flower earrings. My selection is pink canvas fabric and colourful diamantes, as these materials feel similar to my own vivacious personality.



Leather Fringe Earrings

Leather is IN this fall and while you may be rushing for leather pants or jackets – you should consider sexy leather fringe earrings as the best choice to flaunt the trend. The project is super easy to do and very fun, especially if you like cutting things. Pick leather fabrics with the colours and textures of your choice, and follow the directions. Just imagine it; you will look trendy in any outfit with these statement craft earrings!


Origami Lily Earrings

I think it’s better for a craft list to have one slightly difficult project in the mix. From my experience, origami is pretty tough, more so when you have to make a miniature version of the origami tulips. The rest is far easier, just put together some beads and wiring for the final product. These origami lily earrings are pretty and have a delicate radiance- they cuti-fy any outfit.


Patterned Thread Earrings

For those of you who like knitting or playing with thread, or just love jewelry whose homemade origins are overshadowed by its trendy quality –patterned thread earrings are the one. You have a wealth of patterns and designs to create many different earrings to match up with any outfit in your wardrobe. Once you know the method, the creation comes easy. The amazing tutorials on YouTube give you a bunch of ideas.


Dinosaur Earrings

Time to enter into the realm of the Kitsch with a tutorial on some fun, cool dinosaur earrings. Check out the music video for Electric Shock for funky outfit ideas to bring out the coolness of your dinosaur earrings. When you choose DIY earrings with a bright colour, you can pair them with other eccentric accessories or outlandish clothing.

Did you like my list of DIY earrings? Which ones do you plan on doing this weekend? If you have you own favourite craft earrings, please tell me in the comment section.

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