Top 10 DIY Earrings ...

Store-bought earrings are cool and in-style, but DIY earrings offer a bit of personalized style and they are an expression of creativity. These delightful homemade earrings are a mix of trendy and artistic, with a hint of exclusivity. If you take the time to create the earrings from readily-found materials, you feel all the more fantastic when you wear them – you will have bragging rights. The variety of DIY projects gives you loads of ideas to create a unique look for your next party. To help you decide on the best craft earrings for your free time, I have compiled a list of the Top 10 DIY earrings.

1. Swarovski Bow Crystal Earrings

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These DIY earrings are classy and attractive. Create these earrings to wear at a casual or glamorous event. Buy the materials at a store, follow the simple directions and voila - you have a beautiful pair of earrings to add some dazzle to your outfit. They are surprisingly easy to make yet the earrings are quite expensive looking.

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