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DIY mini Christmas trees are a must-do project around the holidays! Not only are they very easy and cheap to make, they will also make your home look positively festive this season! For those who have tiny spaces, you will absolutely love these DIY mini Christmas trees as they don’t take up a ton of space. Happy holiday crafting ladies!

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Spools How cute! You can make this DIY mini Christmas tree using vintage wooden spools. Of course, you can also get wooden barrel beads or similar items from Etsy to make this type of holiday decor.




Rosette Hey, look, it's my DIY mini Christmas tree from a couple of years ago! This is a craft tutorial made by yours truly so I can honestly say that it's very easy to do. It will take a lot of time, sure, but trust me, you'll love the result.



Wine Cork

Wine Cork Here we have another easy mini Christmas tree to make. Aside from the fact that this is easy to assemble, it's also a wonderful recycling project. If you still have some corks left from making some of these DIY cork crafts, I suggest you give this cute idea a go.



Glittery Magazine

Glittery Magazine This is another recycled mini Christmas tree project. To make this, you will need old magazines, spray paint (gold, silver, or clear), and glitter. Check out the video tutorial below.




Fabric Got lots of fabric and you're itching for a way to craft with them? This fun fabric mini tree idea might help you. I love the fact that you can design your final tree in so many ways with this particular idea. Oh the possibilities!



Scalloped Paper

Scalloped Paper This one is pretty. The tutorial after the link calls for a certain nifty die cut machine but you can recreate this using scissors. If you're patient. But really, as long as you have pretty scrapbook paper, you will be able to make a similar mini Christmas tree that is just as fab.




Acorn For those in the mood for something more organic, this acorn idea is for you. You simply hot glue the acorns to a cardboard cone (painted in brown) and call it a day. Easy!




Felt How adorable! These are felt tree plushies that you can make using scrap materials. You don't even have to use a wooden base to make your felt trees stand; you can always place them in bottles or jars.



Ruffled Fabric

Ruffled Fabric Here is another DIY mini Christmas tree idea that will call for pretty scrap fabrics. Other materials that you will need include cardboard or Styrofoam cones, hot glue, wood bases, and finial.



Paper Petals

Paper Petals This is a pretty popular DIY mini Christmas tree project. You will need paper with pretty prints, cardboard cones, hot glue, and green acrylic paint. The paper petals here were made using a die cut machine but you can also cut them with scissors.



Scalloped Felt

Scalloped Felt Aren't these ridiculously cute, too? Not only do I love the color combinations, I am also in love with the teeny bead ornaments.




Pearls This one is classy and fun. And yes, very easy to do. You simply cover a Styrofoam cone with faux pearls and that's it.



Tinsel, Feather

Tinsel, Feather The tutorial link below shows you a way to make several DIY mini Christmas trees. My favorite is the feather one. I'd make something similar but I'm afraid my cats would simply maul it.



Snowglobe Christmas Tree

Snowglobe Christmas Tree Have you ever thought about making your very own snowglobe Christmas trees? Snowglobes are uber cute and they are so, so easy to make! Take a look at the tutorial and start building your own snowglobe Christmas trees!

Tutorial at putitinajar.com


Pinecone Tree

Pinecone Tree If you have kids, this is the perfect holiday craft and it’s so, so easy to do! A painted up pinecone in just the right way can make all of the difference in the world! A little paint and a little decoration can go a long, long way!

Tutorial at alldaychic.com



Button/Yarn This is an absolutely beautiful mini Christmas tree and it’s so easy to make! Just take a cone, some yarn and finally add in some button decor and you’ve got the best looking and ever-so-easy mini Christmas tree!

Tutorial at socreativethings.com


Cupcake Liner

Cupcake Liner Finally girlies, cupcake liners no longer are just for cupcakes! You can make them look beautiful as a Christmas tree too! All you need is a cone and to cut a hole so you can start the stacking!

Tutorial at allthatglittersisgold.net

Got more ideas for making DIY mini Christmas trees? Let's hear 'em! I bet you can share with us more fabulously crafty ways to make DIY mini Christmas trees.

This post was written in collaboration with editor Heather Jensen.

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The magazine tree is mine this year! I made 3 of them, different sizes and have left my guests in awe! Will definitely be doing the wine cork one next year❤️

I like this post, but maybe you should have posted it a few weeks ago.

Very cute and eco friendly! #11 is the cutest

My friend made a ferrero rocher one kinda like the acorn one but yummier!


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