7 Cute DIY Christmas Decorations You Can Make at Home ...


7 Cute DIY Christmas Decorations You Can Make at Home ...
7 Cute DIY Christmas Decorations You Can Make at Home ...

I am obsessed with cute DIY Christmas decorations this year. I mean, I love shopping for new ornaments and baubles as much as the next girl, but there is only so long that you can debate the benefits of adding glass figurines to the Christmas tree, or adding some bright blue tinsel to your classic Christmas design. And everyone runs out of tinsel eventually! That’s why these cute DIY Christmas decorations are ideal. You can put them anywhere, you can be really proud of them, and they’ll look fantastic. Winner.

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Book Tree

Book Tree This is one of the first cute DIY Christmas decorations that I saw this year, and I just had to track down the tutorial! Yep, Pinterest has a lot to answer for at this time of year. To make this super-cute book tree, collect up a big pile of your favourite books, and start stacking them. Once you’ve got a tree shape, you’ll want a topper, and some lights to wrap around. Beautiful.


Toilet Roll Calendar

Toilet Roll Calendar Making your own advent calendar became huge this year, and I love this tutorial. It’s great for using up items that you already have around the house! First, collect up 24 empty toilet roll holders. Glue into a festive shape – mine is tree shaped, because I fail miserably at stars – and fill each tube with an advent pressie. Then glue brown paper across the top, and add numbers. Easy, and cute.


Snow Globes

Snow Globes Have you seen how much snow globes cost these days? They are more popular than ever, with designs ranging from Disney to classic Christmas scenes, but the price certainly hasn’t come down to match. If you’d like a few to spread around the house, try using old sauce jars, cleaned and turned upside down. Don’t forget to add clear glitter to the water for that festive shine! There's some great ideas here diy.allwomenstalk.com


Tippex Jars

Tippex Jars Still got some spare jars? Decorate them using tippex. Snowflakes are easy to draw with a tippex pen, and it makes a beautiful pattern if you put a candle in the jar afterwards. If your freehand isn’t great, try getting a stencil and drawing around that. You could use the same technique on glass doors, etc, too.


Pasta Pretty

Pasta Pretty Someone sent me this on Twitter, and I can’t get over how cute it is! These gorgeous Christmas trees are made of different types of uncooked pasta, glued together and painted in adorable pastel shades. If you’re going for a more traditional Christmas feel, try painting them red, green or gold, instead. Easy, cheap and oh-so-pretty.


Light Tree

Light Tree If you follow any house-y Pinterest boards, you’ve probably seen this uber-cute light tree. It’s so lovely! Whether it’s to save space or just to spice up a room without a tree, it looks gorgeous, and it’ll provide a warm glow, too. Definitely something to try.


Sparkly CDs

Sparkly CDs It’s time to get rid of those cringy old albums for these cute DIY Christmas decorations. First, cut your CDs into geometric shapes. Next, buy some clear baubles. Cover the clear baubles in PVA glue, and stick on the geometric shapes until it resembles a disco ball. Repeat until you’ve got a small collection, and place around the tree. So cute, and so easy to make.

I’m definitely getting into the festive spirit making these cute DIY Christmas decorations. Not only is it transforming my house into a winter wonderland, but it’s keeping me busy, and it’s pretty relaxing, too! I’m always searching Pinterest for new tutorials – have you found any cute DIY Christmas decorations I should try?

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Could anyone help me find the tutorial for the first one. The book tree she is referring too?

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