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I'm sort of picky about my furniture so coasters are something I have all over the place. I don't want rings on my good wood or my counter tops. Plus, coasters are fun coffee table decor when they aren't in use. Turns out making coasters is pretty easy to do and they make great gifts as well. Check out all of these great choices and let me know which ones you decide to put together.

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Christmas Trees

green,plant,land plant,art,leaf, Via Christmas Tree Crochet Coasters . ...
Switch out your coasters for the holidays and you have instant decor.


Reversible Wood Coasters with Soapstone Chalk

man made object,percussion,drum,musical instrument,skin head percussion instrument, Via 8 Cool Drink Coasters
Cute, right? One side is wood, but you can write little notes on the other side.


Colorful Sleeves Using Felt

wine glass,stemware,glass,wine,drink, Via Fresh Ideas for a Thanksgiving ...
These are super easy to make and you can make them in different colors so your guests know which glass is theirs.


Nintendo and Ninja Turtles

play,toy,games,indoor games and sports,Occa, Via Ninja Turtle 8-bit Coasters
Use iron beads to make these. My kids would love them!



money,award,illustration,badge,SKELETAL, Via Pour Anatomy a Drink Coaster ...
These coasters are fun and are sure to be a conversation starter when you have people over.


Customizable Messages

font,fashion accessory,label,moustache,brand, Via Drinks Are On Me Coaster ...
These coasters are fun because they let you customize your coasters depending on who is using them.


Bottle Cap Coasters

fashion accessory,art,games,button,glass, Via Erratic Project Junkie: Coastin' Along ...
What a fun way to use the caps from all of your favorite bottles of beer.


Recycled LP Records

product,MGM,℡WZARS, Via Recycled Vinyl Record Accessories - ...
These are adorable! I'd use them in a home bar for a touch of retro.


Reversible Fabric

yellow,art,pattern,design,textile, Via Easy Reversible Drink Coaster Set
Use up some of your extra fabric scraps to make these cute reversible coasters.


Use Tiles

wood,material, Via DIY Coasters
Tiles, paper for decorations and a bottle of Modge Podge glue are all you need to make your own coasters.


T-shirt Yarn

drink,food,produce,plant,fruit, Via T-Shirt Yarn Coaster | Endlessly ...
Use up old t-shirts braided together and wrapped into a circle for a set of coasters no one else is going to have.


Cork Coasters

money,food,dessert,snack food,baking, Via 35 Home DIY Projects That ...
Don't throw away your wine corks. Use them to make these absorbent coasters.


Colorful Chevron

pattern,tablecloth,design,textile,rectangle, Via Items similar to Colorful Chevron ...
Here's another great example of coasters made using scrapbook paper.


Crochet Peacock Feathers

jewellery,blue,green,fashion accessory,turquoise, Via Crochet Peacock Tail Feather Coaster ...
If I could crochet, these are the coasters I would make. I love how unique and colorful they are.


Upcycled Magazine Coasters

color,art,painting,picture frame,fes, Via Square Upcycled Green Earth Friendly ...
Put those old magazines to use and keep them out of the garbage by making these beauties.


Fruit Slice Felt Coasters

fruit,produce,plant,food,citrus, Via 糖果色柠檬……_来自彼岸微蓝的图片分享-堆糖
These are fun and whimsical and perfect for your outdoor dining space.


Unsolved Rubik's Cube

rubik's cube,toy,mechanical puzzle,window,puzzle, Via Unsolved Rubik's Cube drink coasters
Those meltable beads are also great for making these cool coasters. Kids will love them!


Lots of Color

toy,food, Via Ultimate Summer Hexie Coasters
Don't be afraid to give your coasters a lot of color. These are fantastic, aren't they?


Fun for a Wedding

label,brand,writing,calligraphy,alovingly, Via 25 Ways to Give Thanks ...
These specially ordered coasters are ideal for a wedding. You could also order them for baby showers and graduations.


Button Crafts

art,fashion accessory,bead,jewellery, Via Look! Coaster Made from Buttons ...
These might take a bit of time to make, but would be so worth it.


A Lovely Gift

art,textile, Via Super-Simple Sewing Projects - Part ...
Coasters tied up with a ribbon make a fun gift for anyone.


Wine Corks

wine bottle,wine,alcoholic beverage,bottle,drink, Via Wine Cork Crafts (1) - ...
Instead of making simple round cork coasters, try these that look like grape clusters.


Chalkboard Coasters

black,font,fashion accessory,label,brand, Via DIY Chalkboard Coasters - The ...
Paint some tiles with chalkboard paint and let your guests draw on them while you hang out.


Inspired by Drinks

Country Time,Sprite,food,breakfast,snack food, Via Aluminum Can Crafts Round-up- 20 ...
These are a cute way to showcase all of your favorite beverages.


Wood Burned Tree Coasters

man made object,wood,coconut,produce,button, Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
If you have a wood burner, you could make pretty much any design you can dream up.


Cute Owls

patchwork,art,pattern,textile,material, Via Owl Bird Coasters Decoupaged Wood ...
Owls are everywhere right now and these are cute ways to indulge your love of them.


Customizable Quotes

text,advertising,font,banner,brand, Via Customizable Quotes Coaster Set |Gadgetsin
Choosing these coasters lets you decide what you want them to say.


Concrete Drink Coasters

eye,organ,material,human body,kretev, Via Concrete Drink Coaster Set of ...
These are unique, but would be fun to arrange into different patterns.

Do you use coasters in your home? What do they look like?

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