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Making DIY coasters is a great way to spend time with friends and family while creating some fun accessories for your home or to give as gifts. DIY coasters will also come in super handy when you're entertaining guests or when you remember to use them yourself to keep your coffee table nice and clean. Check out some fab ideas for DIY coasters below!

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Alcohol Inked Tile Coasters

Alcohol Inked Tile Coasters Via Gift ideas
If you look at the finished product, you would never guess that these are DIY coasters. All you need are some tiles, rubbing alcohol and alcohol ink!


Tile Coasters

Tile Coasters Via The D.I.Y. Dreamer: Tile Coasters!!!
These snazzy tile coasters were made with scrapbook paper and Mod Podge.


Bath Tile Coasters

Bath Tile Coasters Via How to make coasters for ...
Grab some bath tiles, spray paint, vinyl for stencils and felt circles and you've super cute and easy coasters.


Word Coasters

Word Coasters Via D E S I G ...
Make your very own word coasters with store bought coasters and printable designs.


Chalkboard Coasters

Chalkboard Coasters Via A Thoughtful Place: Chalkboard Coasters ...
These chalkboard coasters are fun for guests to write on or you can use them to label foods on the buffet.


Geometric Felt Coasters

Geometric Felt Coasters Via DIY Geometric Coasters + My ...
How pretty are these felt coasters? Just cut your felt, glue and you're good to go.


DIY Cork Shelf Liner Coasters

DIY Cork Shelf Liner Coasters Via DIY Tutorial: Coasters / DIY ...
These easy to make coasters use shelf lining which is easy to clean and easy to peel and stick!


Log Ombre Coasters

Log Ombre Coasters Via Branch Out: Turn a Log ...
Find a wood log, grab some paint and start making these adorable coasters.


DIY Stenciled Wood Coasters

DIY Stenciled Wood Coasters Via The 36th AVENUE | DIY ...
Create your very own stenciled coasters using store bought coasters, stencils and spray paint.


Moss Coasters

Moss Coasters Via Sincerely, Kinsey: Double Dose of ...
What a fun way to decorate your coasters - moss!


DIY Rope and Neon Coasters

DIY Rope and Neon Coasters Via Rope and Neon Coasters | ...
You get a fun pop of color with these rope coasters!


Personalized Coasters

Personalized Coasters Via Personalized Coasters | Martha Stewart
Make a personalized coaster for each of your family members or your BFFs.


Polaroid Coasters

Polaroid Coasters Via DIY: Homemade Polaroid Coasters
I love the idea of being able to display photos while using them to keep your table safe.


These Polaroid Coasters are a fun and creative way to display your favorite photos and keep your table safe at the same time. They are easy to make with just a few simple materials and can be customized to match any décor. To make them, you will need cork coasters, photos, a craft knife, and a glue gun. Start by cutting the photos to fit the coasters and then glue them onto the cork. Once the glue has dried, you can finish the coasters with a glossy sealant or clear coat of spray paint. These Polaroid Coasters make great gifts and are sure to be a conversation starter.


Painted Wooden Coasters

Painted Wooden Coasters Via DIY Painted Wooden Coasters
Create coasters to go with the colors of your home.


Scrabble Tile Coasters

Scrabble Tile Coasters Via DIY coasters
Scrabble tiles make fun, unexpected coasters.


Vintage Map Coasters

Vintage Map Coasters Via DIY Instagram Photo Coasters
Follow the link to learn how to make vintage map coasters and photo coasters.


Lace Coasters

Lace Coasters Via Lacy and sophisticated DIY coasters ...
Sophisticated lace coasters will dress up your table.


DIY Asian Teacup Coasters

DIY Asian Teacup Coasters Via Asian Teacup Coasters
Make pretty Asian-inspired coasters using origami paper.


Kate Spade Inspired DIY Coasters

Kate Spade Inspired DIY Coasters Via partiesforpennies.com
Your coffee table deserves to have some sparkle, too!


DIY Comic Book Coasters

DIY Comic Book Coasters Via Crafts for men: comic book ...
Want to get your guy into DIY projects? He'll love these comic book coasters!


Burlap Coasters

Burlap Coasters Via Oleander and Palm: DIY Gold ...
Burlap with gold polka dots - sold!


These Burlap Coasters are a great addition to any home decor. They feature a classic burlap material with gold polka dots for a touch of elegance. They are easy to make and can be a great DIY project for any level of crafter. They are perfect for protecting surfaces from hot or cold drinks. These coasters are a great way to add a unique touch to any room in the house. They also make a great gift for any occasion. They are sure to be a conversation starter and will bring a bit of sophistication to any gathering.


DIY Wine Corks Coasters

DIY Wine Corks Coasters Via DIY: Wine Cork Coasters
Now you have an easy craft that you can make with all those wine corks you've been saving!


Washi Tape Mini Wood Pallet DIY Coasters

Washi Tape Mini Wood Pallet DIY Coasters Via Washi tape mini wood pallet ...
So cute! I love the washi tape, but the teeny pallets are really unique.


Recycled Magazine Coasters

Recycled Magazine Coasters Via Creative Crafts that Recycle
Don't throw those old magazines out! Use them to make colorful coasters.


Geometric Painted Coasters

Geometric Painted Coasters Via Dream Crafter: DIY Geometric Coasters
Modern, easy to make and the completed product looks so good!

We can all use coasters but never think about it until we're in desperate need of one! Whip up some of these adorable coasters and impress your friends.

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I have coasters with my wedding pictures on them. It was a gift from my in-laws and I really love them!

I like these!

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