27 Wonderful Washi Tape Crafts That You Won't Be Able to Get Enough of ...


If you're already a fan of washi tape, you know how addicting it can be. There's just something about the fun, colorful tape that just makes you want to apply it to anything and everything! If you're looking for more ways to incorporate washi tape into your world, scroll through these fun ideas!

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Washi Tape Notebooks and Pencils

Washi Tape Notebooks and Pencils Via TODAY Home - TODAY.com
Washi tape can easily jazz up your notebooks and pencils.


Washi Tape Initial

Washi Tape Initial Via Easy washi tape initial - ...
Wouldn't this washi tape look so cute on a wall or desk?


Pen Holder

Pen Holder Via How To... Make Washi Tape ...
A super simple idea to add some color to your desk.


Phone Cord

Phone Cord Via Design Fixation: 4 Fun Ways ...
Make your phone cord stand out from the rest with some simple washi tape.


Clothes Pins

Clothes Pins Via TODAY Home - TODAY.com
Give plain clothes pins a new look.


Tea Lights

Tea Lights Via Washitejpade värmeljus – Washi taped ...
An easy to add some color and light to your home.


Heart Garland

Heart Garland Via Washi Tape Heart Garland
Create a cute little heart garland for your love.


DIY Washi Coasters

DIY Washi Coasters Via Washi Tape Ideas – DIY ...
Washi tape coasters are useful and so easy to make.


Washi Tape Page Dividers

Washi Tape Page Dividers Via Washi tape DIY page dividers ...
Add some pizzazz to your school supplies!


Gift Tags

Gift Tags Via DIY Washi Tape Christmas Tags
Create some pretty and personalized tags to adorn your gifts.



Bangle Via Washi Tape Skinny Bangle - ...
Grab a skinny bangle and add some washi tape for a fun project.


Instagram Photo Frame

Instagram Photo Frame Via PitterAndGlink: {DIY Interchangeable Instagram Photo ...
Make an adorable frame for your favorite photo.


Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper Via Poppytalk: DIY: Washi Tape Wrapping ...
Wrap up your next gift with homemade wrapping paper.


DIY Corkboard

DIY Corkboard Wouldn't this be great to keep to-do lists, homework reminders or recipes?


Plastic Cutlery

Plastic Cutlery Via TODAY Home - TODAY.com
For your next picnic or gathering, offer your guests some fancy utentils.



Vase Via TODAY Home - TODAY.com
A simple way to add a pop of color to a room.


Cereal Box Notebook

Cereal Box Notebook Via DIY Cereal Box Notebook
A fun craft for kids to make and decorate with washi tape.


Easter Egg Wreath

Easter Egg Wreath Via Washi tape Easter egg wreath ...
Once spring comes back around, this wreath will instantly liven up your door.


Birthday Cards

Birthday Cards Via Omiyage Blogs: DIY: Washi Tape ...
Make super cute and unique birthday cards for your friends and family.


Dry Erase Frames

Dry Erase Frames Via Cute and easy $1 washi ...
A smart and easy craft idea that's super affordable.



Planters Via Hey Kessy - washi tape ...
Make some fun little planters and dress them up with washi tape.



Keyboard Make your keyboard much more interesting and fun to look at.



Thumbtacks Via dollarstorecrafts.com
Thumbtacks covered in washi tape can make any wall look so much more interesting!


Closet Doors

Closet Doors Via Rainbow stripey closet doors - ...
If your door is in dire need of a makeover, washi tape works on doors too!



Magnets Via My Poppet – Upcycle Style: ...
Got some old magnets collecting dust? Cover them up with some washi tape to make them pretty and you've got new magnets!


Light Switch Cover

Light Switch Cover Via just Lu: DIY Washi Tape ...
If you don't like the color of your light switch cover, all you need is, you guessed it, washi tape!


Birthday Candles

Birthday Candles Via Add washi tape to tall ...
Take a cake to the next level with fun and playful candles.

You could cover pretty much everything you want with magical washi tape and instantly make it all cuter. It's so much fun to experiment with ways to use washi tape. Do you have a favorite way to use washi tape?

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Adds great color to my study table and the table legs:)

I love the idea for closets door.

Love washi tape, and pattern duct tape

Never knew ... You could do so much with these little rolls of of colours

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