26 of the Best Pinterest Crafts You've Ever Seen ...


26 of the Best Pinterest Crafts You've Ever Seen ...
26 of the Best Pinterest Crafts You've Ever Seen ...

Pinterest is the place to go for recipes and fashion advice, but it's also great for finding fun DIY crafts. Whether you want something to decorate your home, or you need an idea for your wedding, or you have bored kids at home, you will find what you want and need somewhere on Pinterest. Here are some of the best crafts to get you started. Just wait to see where the inspiration takes you next!

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Turn Mason Jars into Cute Soap Dispensers

aqua,product,skin,mason jar,bottle, Source: 20 Of The Best Mason


Organize All Your Pens and Pencils

food,basket, Source: The 15 Best Hacks For


Create a Chevron Canvas Initial for Your Wall

pink,purple,fashion accessory,pattern,shape, Source: Girls Chevron Canvas Initial Decor


Wrap Yarn around a Letter Made out of Wood

pink,art,petal,fashion accessory,textile, Source: How to Make a


Try Transferring Your Best Prints onto Wood

wood,table,furniture,writing,art, Source: How to Transfer Ink to


Build a Simple, Temporary Headboard

bed sheet,furniture,textile,art,duvet cover, Source: 26 Cheap And Easy Ways


This is the Best Way to Scrapbook Ever

gadget,toy,art,design,NYC, Source: found paper co.: nyc mixed


Paint an Original Canvas for Your Home or Office

blue,yellow,art,pattern,painting, Source: Pins I Tried: DIY Art


Use a Soda Bottle to Make Flowers

pink,food,dessert,sugar paste,cake, Source: Urban Homesteading: Backyards, Bees and


World's Best Paper Airplane

Elf Super Junior,arm,fashion accessory,finger,pattern, Source: I Dig Pinterest: World's Best


Cool Nail Polish Flowers for DIY Jewelry

petal,fashion accessory,flower,art,jewellery, Source: Stained Glass Flower Ring


Heart Mosaic

art,flooring,mosaic,organ,pattern, Source: Over 50 of The Best


Put Together Juice Carton Wallets

product,food,tami,ded,ses, Source: All Crafts For Boys


Mason Jar Candles Are Easy and Make Great Gifts

blue,room,turquoise,floor,table, Source: feedproxy.google.com


DIY GLITTER Magnets for the Fridge

fashion accessory,bead,jewellery,art,crystal, Source: DeLoop: 365 Days of Pinterest


Make a Monogrammed Soap or Lotion Bottle

distilled beverage,liqueur,drink,bottle,hand, Source: 10 Presents for Christmas Under


Really Cute Kid's Kitchen Made out of an Old Entertainment Center

furniture,room,desk,art,shelf, Source: Turn an Old Cabinet into


Repurposed Crib into a Porch Chair

room,furniture,product,lighting,living room, Source: West Midtown Design District: Peridot


DIY Lanterns Made out of Mason Jars

green,tree,light,lighting,lantern, Source: Ideas for Mason Jars, Mason


Vintage Book Pages Made into Pine Cones

art,interior design,textile,carving, Source: 17 Amazing DIY Projects Using


DIY Dinosaur Lamps Are so Cool in Kids' Bedrooms

sculpture,art,lighting,interior design,carving, Source: Home & Office :: Lights


If You Have Some Negatives Packed Away, Turn Them into Candle Holders

room,floor,kitchen,design,table, Source: Lámparas con película fotográfica


Snowglobe Craft for the Kids

snowman,let,Snow, Source: Kleinspiration: Holiday Door Decorations for


Beautiful DIY Paper Lamps

candle,lighting,light fixture,design,sconce, Source: Money Saving DIY - How


How to Make a Pallet Bookshelf

wood,art,furniture,outdoor structure,Before, Source: 25 Furniture Hacks that will


Paper Tube Lanterns for an Outdoor Party

lighting,candle,brand,design, Source: Best 10 DIY Articles You
Would you make any of these? Which one? What other cool crafts have you found on Pinterest?

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The headboard idea is great. I have an empty TV box with the foam in it. I can use the rectangular part and add with the foam if possible. Awesome!!!!

Really cool stuff!

All so cool!

Very nice ideas!

Love love love all these ideas...great use for toilet paper rolls!

I love the best way to scrapbook idea

Diy jewelry using nail polish is genius. Definitely gonna try it soon!

The last one😍😍😍😍

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