Cute DIY Household Items to Make out of Old Jeans ...


Cute DIY Household Items to Make out of Old Jeans ...
Cute DIY Household Items to Make out of Old Jeans ...

Got old pairs of jeans lying around? If you don't have time to drop them off at your local charity shop, a good recycling project may be in order. Check out the fabulous ideas below and breathe new life into your old clothes.

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Pocket Organizer

Pocket Organizer One of the sections of a pair of jeans that would be fun to rework involve the pockets. This project will require lots of jean pockets. In other words, you might need to look into using discarded jeans of other members of your family as well. Basically, you will cut the pocket parts of all the jeans that you can find. Make sure that you end up with square sections that are similar in size. You then sew them together using your sewing machine.



Pillow Case

Pillow Case Since you'll be using only the pockets for the previous denim recycling idea, you will no doubt be left with plenty of denim fabric. Cut several strips and sew this beach-themed pillow case for your porch or living room couch. Make sure that you use denim with different degrees of distressing for the lovely monochromatic blue look.



Mini Buckets

Mini Buckets These are fantastic storage ideas for a dorm room or your kids' playroom. As you can see, these are made of the legs of jeans. The cuffed part is important for keeping the opening of your denim buckets sturdy. For the bottom, you simply sew a circular denim section to your leg buckets. Easy and fun!



Floral Art

Floral Art Here is a great denim project for the home that will require only small pieces of the material. Again, you can do this using extra denim left over from the previous projects. You cut circles in different shades and then attach them to muslin fabric. The muslin will serve as your frame backing. You then embroider additional floral details such as the center white section and the stem. Frame and hang.




Bowl This fun jeans project requires Mod Podge, a bowl, and strips of denim with frayed sides. Basically, you will form a denim receptacle using the bowl as your mold. You do this by layering the denim strips and applying Mod Podge liberally. The denim should dry stiff. Remove from the bowl once dry.



Woven Basket

Woven Basket Here is another storage container that you can make using an old pair of jeans. Unlike the cuffed basket and Mod Podged bowl, though, this particular woven idea will take you a lot longer. If you're looking for something to do while watching your favorite police procedural TV show, we recommend this fun recycling project. The great thing about this is that you can go large or small, depending on the size of basket you need.



Magazine Organizer

Magazine Organizer How pretty is this copper and denim magazine organizer? It's a wonderful project for keeping your living room or home office in order. For this project, you will need copper piping and elbow connectors, an old pair of jeans, and a sewing machine or needle and thread.


I love the DIY denim recycling projects for making baskets and bowls. How about you? Which of these fun recycling ideas will you be trying out?

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