Got Scrap Leather Lying around? Whip up These Easy DIY Projects


Got Scrap Leather Lying around? Whip up These Easy DIY Projects
Got Scrap Leather Lying around? Whip up These Easy DIY Projects

We're back with another crafty list that involves small pieces of materials. This time, we feature scrap leather. You don't have to be leather worker to be able to do the following fun projects. You can ask a friend who works with the material for some of her scraps. That's what I do anyway. Hope you enjoy the following leather scrap ideas!

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Basket Handles

Basket Handles Look at this gorgeous rope basket! Would you believe that this is handmade and didn't involve any sewing or weaving? The rope body of this basket was made by simple coiling and gluing. A metal basket was used as mold. After making the body, strips of leather scraps were then utilized to make the handles. Take note: this basket can be used to carry only light things, such as balls of yarn.



Door Wedge

Door Wedge Your leather scraps not enough to make two basket handles? Not to worry, you can choose to do this particular DIY leather project instead. This calls for only about 5 inches of leather. A half inch width should be perfect. Aside from the leather, you will also need wood, paint, washer, and screw.



Key Fob

Key Fob These cute key rings are made of faux leather but the genuine kind will work for this easy project, too. For those who find the heart design too cute, any other shape should work. Simple square or rectangles should be perfect if you plan on giving these DIY leather key rings to a boyfriend or husband. For the edge stitching, you can choose thread that matches the leather or a color that beautifully contrasts its hue.



Belt Ring

Belt Ring How cute! Won't this be adorable for a doll, too? To make this, you will only need a thin strip of scrap leather and a teeny-tiny buckle. You can get the buckle from any craft store. As for tools, you will employ the help of an awl, ruler, utility knife, tape measure, and needle and thread.



Triangle Mobile

Triangle Mobile For those who work with leather and happen to have a stash of leather scraps in many colors, this mobile project is for you. You will be using small pieces of leather in different colors for this project. Felt and paper would also come in handy. You sew the triangle pieces using a sewing machine and then hang them from an embroidery hoop. Easy-peasy!



Key Ring Strips

Key Ring Strips Don't you just love the combination of dark leather and silver hardware? This easy scrap DIY calls for small pieces of dark tone leather, double cap trivets, and key rings. As for tools, you will need craft knife, ruler, rivet setter, leather punch, and a hammer. You can follow the shapes of the leather strips above or you can make your own. Depending on the amount of leather scraps you have, you can likely make several of these key rings in one sitting.



Leather Tab Folder Dividers

Leather Tab Folder Dividers These leather scrap tabs are perfect for organizing folders in your office. Depending on how thick the leather tabs are, you can also make some for your daily journal or planner. The numbers are hand stamped using a stamping leather kit. You can get one from a craft store or online. They are easy to use with the help of water and a handy hammer. To attach the tabs to the folders or planner, you can staple or sew.


I have just the right amount of scraps for the tab dividers and basket handles. I think I will do the basket first, though, since I have yet to procure a leather stamping kit.

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